25 February, 2009

Schoolyard politics

So the big news yesterday was that Tony Abbott called Kevin Rudd a "toxic bore." It's enough to make you think we don't have bushfires or an economic crisis to worry about.

I'll be the first to admit that Tony Abbott is usually more entertaining than Kevin Rudd. He's also a slimy, lying idiot.
Sorry Tony. Shit happens.

Also in US schoolyard politics, Republican chairman Michael Steele seemed happy to embrace the premise of a question about "retribution," on the three Republican senators who voted for the stimulus bill.

Retribution? For voting differently to the rest of the party?
I remember a time when Republicans embraced "mavericks."

Finally, Bobby Jindal says the US government shouldn't be monitoring volcanoes. Tell that to anyone who has lived through an eruption. You'd think the governor of Louisiana ought to understand the importance of keeping a lookout for potential disaster.

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