01 February, 2009

The Rules: Op Shops

When shopping in opportunity shops (or charity shops), pay what the item is worth to you, even if that's more than the asking price.

Op shops are a great, affordable way to develop your own unique style. For this reason, a lot of people shop at op shops who don't necessarily need to. There's nothing wrong with that, but remember that op shop prices are aimed at people who can only afford a token payment, and any meagre profits they make, go to support the charity which usually involves people who can't afford to pay anything for clothes.

So, if you find a nice shirt, a cool jacket or a funky tie at an op shop, give them a little bit extra if you can afford to. I don't mean paying what it would cost new, but if the tag says $4, and you would have been willing and able to pay up to ten, then be cool and give them the ten. It's worth it just for the expression of surprise and gratitude you'll get from the nice volunteer working there.


  1. Never looked at shopping at a thrift shop and giving more than their asking ~ but it's a nice gesture. I haven't been to one in years, but my daughters love to frequent them. Their not poor, but raising a family nowadays can be tight. Especially when the kids are involved in extracurricular activities. i.e., music, dance, soccer, basketball and baseball. These activities can break the bank ~ especially if one is a teacher.

    They also like to donate to charities. I will tell them next time they purchase something from one of these shops, to pay a little more. Maybe even donating items they're always donating to Amvets, better to donate to a church thrift shop.


  2. I'm only suggesting it for people who can afford to. Naturally, it doesn't apply to those on tight budgets who need to save money any way they can - and that number is increasing these days.