06 February, 2009

Newscorp Loss

Fox News' Bill O'Reilly loves to cite dwindling circulation and falling profits of certain newspapers as evidence that the publications are morally bankrupt and that decent people have rejected whatever agenda O'Reilly alleges the publication to have. This is despite the fact that newspaper sales are down across the board.

So it makes you wonder what O'Reilly will have to say (if anything) about his paymaster, Newscorp's operating loss of $US7.6 billion for the last quarter. If you follow O'Reilly's logic (which is a stupid thing to do at any time) then that must mean that all good people have rejected Newscorp's ideology and behaviour.
While that's not the only reason, it's closer to the truth than anything O'reilly has said about the New York Times, et al.

We all love a bit of anti-Murdoch schadenfreude but in the case of the current crisis, this is one character who actually deserves it. It has been Murdoch and his minions who have used and abused their power over the last 30 years to promote the discredited economic theory that has led to the meltdown. It's only fitting that they should suffer for it.

But his Mum is a fan of Kevin Rudd!

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