27 June, 2021

I’ve had a gutful of Pauline Hanson

Rupert Murdoch’s main New South Wales masthead The Daily Terrorgraph published yet another puff piece with “controversial pollie” Pauline Hanson last Saturday. The headline promises she will speak to the media, again, about how terribly she has been treated by [checks notes] the media.

In other words, it’s just another weekend after 1996.

I haven’t read the piece. Why bother? She probably hasn’t. The headline and promotion tells you all you need to know. It will just be the usual slurry of denying she’s racist, whining about her treatment in the media, something about her love life (EEW! I cannot describe how little I care!), and an added splash of conspiracy theories – she has been flirting with anti-vaxxers since long before COVID. Nothing new.

There are plenty of coherent, fact-based arguments to rebut Poorlean’s outbursts but we all know that’s a fool’s errand. So I’m going to address Hanson in her own language.

Pauline, I’ve had a gutful! You’ve done nothing but whinge and moan for 25 years and I’m bloody sick of it.

Don’t give me any of this rubbish about it being because you’re white, or because you’re a woman, or a redhead, or a single mother, or from Queensland, or conservative or whatever. That’s got nothing to do with it. You’ve been given every opportunity for a successful career in this great country and if you’re still not happy, well you’ve got no-one to blame but yourself.

Yes, I’m a left-leaning (in the same way Malcolm Fraser was considered left-leaning), progressive Uhstrayan. And I’m sick to death of people like you blaming people like me for all your problems. How about taking some personal responsibility for once in your life? How about you stop looking for someone to blame, and start looking at how you can better yourself.

You were young and naïve once but if you can’t learn from your mistakes then stop expecting ordinree Straylans to do it for you. You’ve allowed yourself to be used by a bunch of spivs and carpetbaggers from John Pasquarelli, to David Oldfield and David Ettridge, to James Ashby, to Malcolm Roberts, to Fraser Anning, to Mark Latham.

It’s not my job to rescue you from your own bad decisions. Ornee hardworking Strines shouldn’t have to change just to make you feel comfortable.

You have (allegedly) just reached retirement age so go ahead and quit if it’s all too horrible for you. If that sounds too dull, you could open a B&B&B (bed, breakfast and bullshit) for other people who think everything was better before they started letting women in pubs.

Go and live in England if you hate Straya so much. This is the greatest country in the world and if all you can do is complain about it, then it’s high time you buggered off back to where you came from.