02 June, 2020

"Not all cops"

It's all very well to say Not All Cops but it's like saying Not All Men.

No-one is saying it's ALL cops or ALL men. But the people with reason to have a rational fear of either men or cops (and if you need that explained to you, what a lovely rock you've been living under) can't tell who are the good ones just by looking at them. So they have to be wary all the time.

If you're not one of those people who has ever needed to fear men or cops, then that's what privilege looks like. And no, I'm not saying you've had an easy life - I'm sure you haven't. I'm just saying it hasn't been hard for THAT reason of what you look like.

If I happen to be walking behind a woman on her own at night, I know I'm not a threat, but SHE doesn't.

Call me a cuck if you like, but I think her right to feel safe overrides my right to the comfort of not being considered a potential rapist.

Likewise, if people who have done nothing wrong still fear police harassment, there has to be a reason for that and we need to think honestly about what that reason may be. Sure, any individual officer in any given situation may be no threat whatsoever. Indeed, that's probably the case in the majority of situations, but the how are the people on the receiving end supposed to be sure of that?