16 February, 2009

The Rules: Self-awareness

How many times have we heard comments along the lines of,

These bloody kids with their hoodies and low-rider jeans that show about four inches of underwear, they're all just trying to be Americans. This is supposed to be Australia.

Well, of course they're trying to ape American culture, but you don't get to complain about that if you've ever worn blue jeans, a baseball cap (in any direction), sneakers or a leather jacket. People have been imitating American fashions since the 1950s. The only difference is that the old stuff has been assimilated into our own culture now, and the homeboys still stand out.

If you wear moleskins, a slouch hat and Driza-bone all the time, then you've got a point.


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  2. "American" fashion is European fashion assimilated into "American" culture.
    Europe is still reference to the "New World". It couldn't be different. We speak European languages, dress like Europeans, have European culture and habits, eat European influenced food and try to act like as if it was a good thing. What I see is European culture mixed with almost transparent shadows of native culture. The "New World" still "belong" to Europe simply because we all are their descendants.

  3. *try to act like Europeans.

    I deleted the other comment because of spelling thing.

  4. No culture exists in a vacuum and it's pointless to wish it did.

    No-one complains about all the traditions and styles we've imported from England and Europe, or even the ones that previous generations took from America.