31 July, 2010

Hello Ladies!

What would happen if the Old Spice guy told the truth?
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   Old Spice Guy by Billablog

25 July, 2010

Election tweets

For those who have been expecting a whole lot of election commentary.  I've been too busy with personal things to write anything of substance, although I do have at least three posts planned.  In the meantime, for those who don't partake, here are some of my Twitter comments from the last week, expanded where appropriate, plus credited re-tweets.

Okay, so @abcnews broke the spill and the announcement of election, do you think they can give us the result next week? 

  Hashtag_Police #ausvotes refers to the upcoming Australian election. #ozvotes refers to choosing a new Wizard.

   emmygrrl Why can't the media just wait untilt the actual election is called? Just because you said it was on before it was doesn't make you good. 

If Kroger & Richo still speak for their respective parties, how can we believe that either has progressed in the last 20 years? 

  latikambourke Tabbott: 'An incoming Coalition government will not seek to change the Fair Work Act for the three years of the next term of parliament.' Translation: WorkChoices back in 2nd term, just like GST.
Translation: WorkChoices back in 2nd term, just like GST. 

If I had a drink for ever "move/moving forward" I'd be pissed already.

Oh Julia, did you get this speech from dial-a-cliche? 

  It's official: "moving forward" is more annoying than "ease the squeeze"

That speech was either a gift to satirists, or just made them redundant.  

What the hell is a "green army" anyway?  

  angryaussie The Age says the election campaign will confirm or sweep out of office nation’s first woman PM. So she'll either win or lose. Fucking genius

Famous people vote too. But seriously, don't let that stop you. It's still important.

Surely Julia Gillard is the ultimate example of what boat people can achieve? 

Didn't both Labor and Liberals ditch leaders because those leaders wanted to move forward?

  Paris_David Ladies and gentlemen we've commenced our descent. Please ensure your principles and compassion are stowed in the overhead lockers.

via @jeremysear Nat-Sec of AWU says Greens are left-wing socialists http://bit.ly/9usRnu does he object because that used to be unions' gig?

RT @latikambourke TAbbott on Mitchell. He says he'll always try to tell the truth. 
>Yeah, and I always “try” to lose weight.

Memo to political journos: None of the punters care who reports something first. They care about who covers it best.

Ok Liberals, yes "moving forward" is a lame slogan. Saying so doesn't make you a better option. No extra points for the bloody obvious 

BridgetOFlynn TA "It's all about debt". That debt helped me stay in business, helped my staff feed their kids, helped my clients sleep at night. Stupid man.

So let me get this straight: @JuliaGillard and @TonyAbbottMHR have agreed that between them, they're less important than masterchef? 
So both leaders and networks have accepted that more people would rather watch Masterchef than debate? We're stuffed.

I love the way both parties are campaigning against their own previous terms in government.

I'm a political animal, but if anyone thinks I'm going to give up Spicks and Specks to see how cringeworthy Abbott is on Hey Hey It's Saturday, forget it!

Abbott on Hey Hey is an embarrassment. In other news, rain is wet, sky is blue and gravity sucks  #tweetthebleedingobvious

Mark Latham says Kevin Rudd is an "unguided missile" and could cause "no end of strife" for the ALP campaign. Pot & kettle, Mark?

An honest question to @Greens and @AusDemocrats - What's the difference between your parties? Do you compete with or compliment each other?

  AusDemocrats @Billablog We have very different ways of thinking about and approaching things,. Read the 5 core beliefs http://bit.ly/81T9iI
(no reply from Greens)

If only we had a citizens' assembly that would represent the people's views on all important issues.

  Wil_Anderson Doc says skin cancer on my shoulder needs removing. Should I trust "experts" or form Citizens Assembly of the other people in waiting room?

Remember at your next rally, it's not an unlawful gathering, it's a citizens' assembly.

  iBleeter @JuliaGillard Aren't we already voting for a citizen's assembly? How about leading from in front?

RT @TurnbullMalcolm a "citizens assembly" to discuss climate? Isnt that what parliament is meant to do?
>Yes, but your party decided otherwise

Abbott is right - Gillard's climate policy lacks leadership. But it rings hollow coming from the party that wants to wait and see.

Gillard still in front on "Who is less like Tony Abbott" index.

Libs have to understand that aversion to Labor won't automatically translate into support for Liberals. http://ow.ly/2frUC via @Paris_David

As a champion procrastinator, I know avoidance behaviour when I see it, and that's what both parties are doing on climate change.

squeiss If you think a vote for the @greens is a vote for Labor, please ask someone to explain to you how preferences work. Thx.

  ben_hr RT @mfarnsworth: Gillard and Abbott are both political pygmies, hollow and cowardly says @LaurieOakes: http://auspol.info/bu3XYx 

>@GrogsGamut Can't stand Oakes, but he's nailed it there.

  iBleeter Please number your ballot paper randomly for the sake of democracy http://bit.ly/d2ybJB (via @JonKudelka)


Can't believe I'm about to say this, but if @TurnbullMalcolm were still leader, I'd consider voting Liberal.

latikambourke My interview with Don Randall where he says Christians are unhappy with a 'Godless PM.' #ausvotes http://twaud.io/l91

@latikambourke I'm Christian & I don't care if they believe in God. I care more about policies that reflect Christian values. Libs' policies certainly doesn't

I love democracy. I love science. Science is not democracy, Democracy not science. If 150 people agree that the Earth is flat, it's still round.

Nails it again! RT @Gibbot5000 My absolute fury at the impending election fail. http://is.gd/dEsvI

More can be found HERE, along with other pointless crap.
I hope to have some well thought out posts on the topic later in the week.

16 July, 2010

Mad Mel

Okay, so it would appear that Mel Gibson is a bit nuts.  I was under the impression that this had been established for a while now.  Presenting more evidence just seems like piling on.  I can only suggest that everyone try to get on with their lives.

This is not to rationalise anything he has done, hasn’t done or is alleged to have done or not done.  It’s just that the only thing more sickening than sycophantic declarations of how awesome a famous person is, is sanctimonious tirades about how disgraceful a famous person is.

Be thankful for small mercies.  At least for the time being, it’s okay to like Tom Cruise again.

The deeper question is the one that TISM asked:
Does fame bring forth madness or is fame, to madness brought?

10 July, 2010

Move Over Busker

When I was in Melbourne last weekend, I noticed that the Bourke Street Mall has pretty much been taken over by professional level street performers with personal PA systems and CD stalls.  I’m in two minds about electric busking.  I’m probably less likely to drop a coin in their box simply because they give the impression that they’re doing pretty well, although I appreciate that this impression may be misleading.  These days, it’s quite cheap and easy to produce and manufacture a CD from your bedroom, and just as economical to put backing tracks on an iPod and play them through a battery amp.  Even so, that air of professionalism leaves me somewhat unfulfilled – I don’t know if I’m seeing a street performer or a professional making a personal appearance.

The slightly less slick (but no less interesting) buskers seem to have moved into Swanston Street now, with the more traditional style of buskers taking up positions outside Flinders Street Station.  All of them had amplifiers though, and a few still had backing tracks too, including the very cool surf guitarist and the guy playing blues harp.  I guess amplification is necessary now for players to make themselves audible over the hubbub of the city, and you certainly have to allow that the young man playing the Theremin needed an amp.

I have nothing against the amplified, professional buskers.  If I can listen to Lindsay Buckland for half an hour or so on a late afternoon, that is utter bliss!  But a part of me missed the buskers who just have a red guitar, three chords and the truth.  That’s why it was really refreshing to go out to Camberwell Market on Sunday morning and hear a fiddle player who had come only with her violin, case and music stand. 

05 July, 2010

Fifty Songs

I have only participated in one other Blog This challenge, but I have been a member since pretty much the beginning and I really appreciate the support that comes from the community there and the opportunity to discover new writers, ideas and inspiration.

This week is their fiftieth challenge, and it is simply to list fifty things.  I thought I would never be able to think of fifty things of any particular theme.  Then I remembered a question that several people have asked me recently: "Do you have a song for everything?"

The answer is yes - usually several.  For all my political rantings, my first passion will always be music.  I’ve often said that good music makes me want to play, and great music makes me want to give up.  Here are fifty songs that, in the best possible way, make me want to give up.  They are listed off the top of my head in roughly the order in which  thought of them.  The list is by no means complete.  I was only allowed fifty.  Be warned that you may need to plan your day around some of them.
World Party may figure....

I Hear They Smoke the Barbecue – Pere Ubu
It’s All Mine – World Party
The Bravery of Being Out of Range – Roger Waters
Keep the Dream Alive – Oasis
Obscurity Knocks – Trashcan Sinatras
Near Wild Heaven – REM
The Stolen Child – The Waterboys
#9 Dream – John Lennon
The Big Sky – Kate Bush
Marlene on the Wall – Suzanne Vega
Throwing it Away – My Friend the Chocolate Cake
Caught in My Shadow – The Wonderstuff
I Am the Walrus – The Beatles
Getting Away With It – Electronic
If I Needed Someone – The Beatles
Slow Emotion Replay – the The
There Goes God – Crowded House
Born of FrustrationJames
Glastonbury Song – The Waterboys
Sowing the Seeds of Love – Tears for Fears
Absolute Beginners – David Bowie
Comfortably Numb – Pink Floyd
Thank You (for loving me at my worst) – The Whitlams
Always – World Party
Streets of Your Town – The Go-Betweens
Book Song – Frente
Be Firm – Max Sharam
Atomic Electric – Rebecca’s Empire
She Wears a Mask – Machine Translations
Stop Me if You Think You’ve Heard This One Before – The Smiths
Penny Lane – The Beatles
Strawberry Fields Forever – The Beatles
You Never Give Me Your Money – The Beatles
Ain’t Gonna Come til I’m Ready – World Party
See the Light – World Party
Sheba – Mike Oldfield
Monsters – Something For Kate
Way Down Now – World Party
You Get What You Give – New Radicals
C’mon People – Paul McCartney
When We Was Fab – George Harrison
Tomorrow – Morrissey
Brand New Day – Sting
Chemistry – Semisonic
Catch the Sun – Doves
Last Days on Earth – Tears for Fears
London Town – Wings
Make the World Safe – The Whitlams
A Pagan Place – The Waterboys
Live Forever – Oasis

I am already kicking myself for some that I left out.  Maybe when the 100th challenge comes around, there can be more.  There are few things more joyful than sharing great music with friends.