01 August, 2015

Thinking of Linking

This week, I have been mostly reading...

Bronwyn Bishop under pressure to explain travel claim to Mirabella wedding - tl;dr - she lied

Bishop controversy subsides and nothing has changed

Former flight attendant says Bronwyn Bishop acted like a ‘spoilt child’ - Remember when it was supposed to be a national scandal when Kevin Rudd allegedly bagged out a flight attendant?

Unity is death

Abbott keeps prioritising billionaires over battlers

The Angels' Buzz Bidstrup asks Australians to dig deep for Indigenous health

Bronwyn Bishop expenses row: historic claims reveal another 15 trips - Reveals? She's ALWAYS been like this? Was no-one paying attention for 20 years?

Stan Grant: I can tell you how Adam Goodes feels. Every Indigenous person has felt it

It’s All About Ethics in Booing

Who are these racist dicks and why are they booing Adam Goodes?

Adam Goodes furore a watershed moment for race relations in Australia

How long can you love a game that hates you?

An American expat explains the Adam Goodes controversy and Australia's problem with racism

Yes, booing Adam Goodes is racist

Eight things racists say to try and convince people they're not being racist

Jimmy Kimmel on the Killing of Cecil the Lion 
Texas man shoots at armadillo, wounded by ricochet - Good!

The white male gaze that drives child sex tourism

Lord John Sewel: Tony Blair 'fell in love' with George Bush on Iraq war - and yet, of the three people mentioned in that headline, who had his career destroyed.

Cecil the lion's killer revealed as American dentist

Zimbabwean officials: American man wanted in killing of Cecil the lion

The Animal Serial Killer Who Shot Cecil The Lion

Blur at Rod Laver Arena

A Failure to Communicate - Why IFL Science is anti-science

Tony Jones, it's time to pass the baton to Virginia Trioli

Humour and Satire:
We had this weird sense of deja vu when we heard Labor's asylum policy

Why do you boo Adam Goodes? Is it because ... 

We’ll Decide When We’re Being Racist, White People Tell Black People

Who Boos

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