08 August, 2015

Thinking of linking

This week I have been mostly reading...

Mr. Abbott – These People Had a More Difficult Day Than Bronny.

PM is doubling down on Bishop's extravagant slap in the face to Taxpayers

Abbott promises no more captain’s picks on Speaker

After Bronnie: The next Speaker

Bishop gone: Abbott finally bows to the inevitable

It wasn't Bronny. It was the system. Seriously, Prime Minister?

Bronwyn Bishop had to be forced out – but some good may come of the scandal

There are two problems: the system, and the woman who treated it as though she was responsible to no one.

Thanks to the internet, the lives of politicians are about to get a whole lot harder

Top Entitlement Claiming Federal Politicians in Australia

Bishop Imbroglio Highlights Uncomfortable Patterns In Tony Abbott's Leadership

Bronwyn Bishop: child of the Uglies felled by her own excess

Inability to pass meaningful legislation is just one of many areas where the government has substantially failed

Tony Abbott: out of probation but not out of jail

The Abbott government's evidence allergy

Green with envy: twenty years in Bronny's Mackellar

Reform adrift in pointless politics of Abbott government

Coalition paying $150,000 to outsource higher education negotiations 

Nine Shot at Backyard Party in Brooklyn

Hitchhiking robot dead as cross-country trip cut short by vandals - technology giving people brand new ways to be arseholes.

BART Riders Racially Profile via Smartphone App 

Donald Trump’s Six Stages Of Doom

Donald Trump just gave a master class on how to get away with sexism

How Donald Trump Really Made His Fortune: Inheritance from Dad and the Government's Protection 

Edward Heath: police appeal for victims to come forward over child abuse claims

Israel wrecked my home. Now it wants my land.

German news anchor Anja Reschke uses slot to attack 'little racist nobodys' in impassioned call to end hatred towards refugees

Tug of War/Pipes of Peace deluxe editions

David Byrne: Open the Music Industry’s Black Box

Noel Gallagher slams 'Orwellian' Apple Music

Excerpt: ‘A Brief History of Light,’ by Upulie Divisekera

Latest Pluto map in Google Earth

NASA Railroad reaches the end of its line

NASA uploads Voyager's 'Golden Record' audio to Soundcloud

One downside to digital innovation: as formats die, we lose our past

Facebook says it’s now streaming more video than YouTube. To be able to make that claim, all they had to do was cheat, lie, and steal

Heavens above: what Earth 2.0’s discovery means for God

Revealed: the stone that 'translated' the Book of Mormon

Humour and satire:
A presentation on Bronwyn Bishop's legacy from Fiona the Unemployed Bettong 

Ian the Climate Denialist Potato's inquiry into the wind turbine inquiry 

I got stupid on me and I need to wipe it off on you:
Senate inquiry recommends national standards on windfarm noise levels

Can rice give you cancer? 'Not if you cook it in a coffee percolator' - or indeed, cook it.

I also got lots of stupid on me from that four-time bankrupt with the dead squirrel on his head who thinks he can be US president, but I will take one for the team and not wipe that off on you

Cilla Black dies, aged 72

George Cole actor dies, aged 90

The least boring photo on my camera roll:

And finally...
Thank you Jon Stewart for always restoring my faith in America.

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