30 July, 2015

The Rules: Booing

Dear Australia,

I can’t believe I have to tell you this, but booing is wrong, mmmkay?

What I know about football could fit on a postage stamp with plenty of room to spare but I know this much: booing is wrong.

I was taught this in primary school and I’m pretty sure you were too. I was not taught that there is a time and place when it’s acceptable to boo people, unless you call the time “never” and the place “nowhere.” I was not taught that it is acceptable to boo for this reason but not that reason. It’s just not acceptable. At all. Ever. Clear?

Booing a sportsman or a performer is rude, aggressive, boorish and has no place in a decent society. It is no more or less rude, aggressive, boorish or unacceptable according to your motive for booing. It doesn’t matter whether your reason is because someone scored against your team, plays a song you didn’t like, flubbed their lines, dropped a catch or fell over. It doesn’t matter if you disapprove of the team they play for, their hairstyle, their celebrations after scoring or even – and I’m just mentioning this for the sake of example – even if you’re just a little bit racist.

Booing for ANY reason is just as crude and disgraceful as booing for any other reason. It’s not that hard to understand. Although I’ve admitted my ignorance of football, I would have thought this would be obvious at a game that tries to present itself as good, clean family fun.

If you think booing at a sporting event is acceptable providing the motivation behind the booing is correct, then you’re not part of the problem, you ARE the problem.

Grow up, set a better example for the younger generation, or go home.
This player didn't get booed. Just sayin’.

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