15 August, 2015

Thinking of linking

This week I have been mostly reading...

TAFE staff says fee hikes have turned student-less buildings into morgues

Policy poor Libs failing on reform agenda 

Tony Abbott's do-nothing government

Bronwyn Bishop stands down but on the way out makes sure she won't be forgotten

The politics of fear have trumped the politics of courage – more’s the pity

Jacqui Lambie reveals 21-year-old son's ice addiction during welfare debate 

Abbott needs to embrace some policy boldness

The fall of the house of Felafel 

Michael Clarke eroded Australia's team culture: John Buchanan

There's only one science Tony Abbott trusts - political science

Abbott government rocked by gay marriage fight

Tony Abbott: A man out of his times, but is he also man out of time?

Tax cut for rich flagged

‘It sickens me and it should sicken you, Mr Abbott’

UN climate expert warns Australia's emissions target should not be final offer

The huge amount of attention focused on the drug "ice" may be inadvertently encouraging some young people to try it

The dirty secret of penalty rate opponents: business is booming

Union corruption royal commissioner Dyson Heydon billed as star of Liberal Party fundraiser - prompting the question: just how incompetent do you have to be to launch a royal commission into corruption that looks more corrupt than those it's inquiring into?

Labor demands Dyson Heydon resign as union royal commissioner

Commissioner Dyson Heydon must go over perceived bias

Hazelwood mine contractor diagnosed with terminal lung condition after fighting Morwell fire

Tony Abbott: determined to lead the Whitlam government of our time?

It's every man for himself on Tony Abbott's sinking governmental ship

Liberty the loser in the modern-day Liberal Party

Coalition a victim of its own trickiness as colleagues lose faith in Tony Abbott 

Is Trump 'un-presidential'? Not compared to some past presidents. 

The Donald Trump effect: How the GOP’s “conservative principles” gave way to racism, misogyny and infantile rage 

Jeb Bush's privacy-shattering email cache hid another surprise: Viruses

Jimmy Carter: I have cancer that has spread

How Do We Fix the Presidential Debates?

Donald Trump: I whine until I win

Jon Stewart and his wife are turning NJ farm into a sanctuary for rescued animals

Facebook user pretends to be Target help desk and trolls incensed conservatives

Santiago Calatrava's Turning Torso Wins Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat's 10 Year Award

MH17: 'Russian missile parts' at Ukraine crash site

Xavier Bettel: Prime Minister of Luxembourg to marry his same-sex partner

The Day the Music Died: China Blacklists 120 Songs for ‘Morality’ Violations

A pilgrimage to Detroit’s Grande Ballroom

The Art of McCartney and why can't people who cover The Beatles do them justice?

Apology to Tony Burke MP & Skye Laris 

Bics for chicks: What is this ad about?

Welcome to my relapse

Bad restaurant meal: to bitch or not to bitch?

Oliver Sacks: Sabbath

I spent a weekend at Google talking with nerds about charity. I came away … worried.

The Truth and Myth Behind Animal Trials in the Middle Ages

Humour and satire:
Royal Commission Into Royal Commission Announced

I got stupid on me and now I have to wipe it off on you:
You Can Get Semen-Injected Beer Now (Buzzfeed warning) for everyone who has always thought, "You know what would really improve beer? Horse spunk!"

The least boring photo on my camera roll:

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