12 July, 2015

Thinking of Linking

This week I have been mostly reading...

Tony Abbott's human rights man Tim Wilson racks up $77,000 in expenses

Barnaby Joyce banned from Q&A – what will Malcolm Turnbull do now?

Q&A: Barnaby Joyce takes Tony Abbott's program boycott order 'on the chin'

Barnaby Joyce obeyed Tony Abbott's Q&A ban 'out of deference'

Lacking a 1984 memory hole, Tony Abbott reduces ministers to unpersons

The return of Helen Demidenko: from literary hoaxer to political operator - Get back in the bin!

Marriage equality: Abbott focused on remaining distracted

Agriculture Minister Barnaby Joyce slams Abbott government over Shenhua coal mine approval

Barnaby Joyce says approval of Shenhua mine shows 'the world has gone mad' - No Barnaby, just the government you're a part of. Good of you to notice.

Tony Abbott has dramatically escalated his war on wind power, creating a new cabinet split and provoking a warning he is putting international investment at risk. - So much for "open for business," eh?

Barnaby Joyce either 'incompetent or lacks influence in cabinet' over coal mine approval: Labor

Tony Abbott's pointless whims uncover those who refuse to minister to him

Windsor Hotel to close, tower plans dumped - very upset about half of this.

Broadbent denies Mafia ties

Muslim Community Rallies to Rebuild Burned Black Churches

Top psychologists bolstered CIA, Pentagon torture

Can’t Fire Him: Republican Party Frets Over What to Do With Donald Trump

Greece debt crisis: Australian businessman promises to give money to distraught pensioner

Double J to broadcast live from ACMI's David Bowie Is... exhibition

Fans unite for major David Bowie Is music exhibition in Melbourne

The Pope rocks:
A Radical Vatican? Naomi Klein on Laudato Si’

Pope calls greed 'the devil's dung'

Google's Dream Robot Is Running Wild Across The Internet - I don't think I like computers any more

Adobe Flash is terrible and it’s time to kill it

Decision time: Uninstall Adobe Flash or install yet another critical patch

I got stupid on me and now I need to wipe it off on you:
For Tony Abbott, financial stability starts in the fruit and veg aisle 

It started with a loudmouth, but the Q&A saga just grows

Roger Rees Dies at 71

The least boring photo on my camera roll:

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