04 July, 2015

Thinking of Linking

This week, I have been mostly reading...

Listen up: democracy means even jerks get a say

Children cast as ‘demon spawn’ in Abbott’s vaudeville anti-terror play

Hazelwood owner issues ‘call to arms’ against coal

Abbott has given up on debt and deficit reduction, but few have noticed

Joe Hockey wins $200,000 from Fairfax in 'Treasurer for sale' defamation case

Time to tell the truth before I'm gagged: Australia's detention centres ruin lives

Open letter regarding the Border Force Act 2015

Won’t someone please help poor Erica?

Q&A episode another outburst of government creep

Abbott government's rebadged Medicare Locals tied up in legal stoush over name

Australian climate policy paralysis has to end, business roundtable says

The Coalition is engaging in double talk on climate policy – it has no other option

Libertarians aren't our allies in building a progressive Australia

Same-sex marriage: even if Abbott wins, he loses

MPs claim almost $10,000 in travel expenses for Pollie Pedal fundraiser 

Tony Abbott is firmly in 'Dubya' mould but the Liberal party is open to change

Sydney siege: Tony Abbott's office knew Julie Bishop had misled Parliament three days before correction

Why Donald Trump Isn’t A Real Candidate, In One Chart 

Activism fomented by Koch brothers turns against them

5 things Republicans would call treason if Democrats did them

When Malcolm Turnbull makes excuses for bad journalism, democracy suffers

Short and not very sweet

Joe Hockey's defamation victory may yet turn to disaster

When Malcolm Turnbull makes excuses for bad journalism, democracy suffers

Meet Peter McEvoy, the faceless man behind the Q&A scandal

Q&A head formally warned

A Unified Theory of Pope Francis

Zimbabwe is paying people $5 for 175 quadrillion Zimbabwe dollars

NZ parliament passes motion on Nauru

The Guardian view on the Greek referendum: hard to imagine a more dismal choice

Europe’s Many Economic Disasters

Bowie tribute artist Jeff Duff: a skinny white guy with a soulful voice

The impact of vaccination heterogeneity on herd immunity

Microsoft details how it will upgrade users to Windows 10

The secret, hidden cost of your smartphone

Where to Get the Best American Food in Melbourne

Did The Soviets Build A Better Shuttle Than We Did? 

Nicholas Winton, Man Who Quietly Helped Hundreds of Children Escape From Nazis, Dies at 106

Sir Nicholas Winton: saviour, people smuggler, hero?

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