21 February, 2016

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What I've been reading lately...

No Shame: The Science Behind Why Most Australians Feel Okay About Tormenting Asylum Seekers

Dan Andrews: It wasn't a political stunt, it was a moment of clarity

The gun-toting, gay marriage-opposing Nationals senator...who lives in the inner city

'Unspeakable crimes' take toll on MP

Two Victoria Police officers take their own lives in a week

Minister Stuart Robert’s trip to China in 2014 has raised some key questions for the government

Australia to sack hundreds of climate change scientists because it has learnt everything it needs to about basic global warming science - Which is kind of like saying "We know cancer's a thing so get over it."

Is Australian coal finally having its “oh sh*t” moment?

Malcolm Turnbull cannot afford to upset millions in the middle

Greg Hunt wins inaugural Best Minister in the World award at Dubai summit - yeah, um, I don't think that should necessarily be taken as a compliment.

Greg Hunt, the greatest minister in the world, accepts his colleagues' acclaim

Peta Credlin as the new Sex Discrimination Commissioner? YES!

Gippsland school mourns loss of Holly Nicholson, who drowned trying to save brother at beach

Work for the dole has little effect on finding work: review

John Howard's tax turns up to ruin the Coalition party

Tim Wilson resigns as Human Rights Commissioner, seeks preselection for Liberal Party - What?? A senior IPA member turned Abbott Govt appointee was a Liberal all along? Well, I AM surprised!

The Territory’s greatest living artist gets his day in Court

We must invest now in elite detectives or cop the consequences

'That's right, I'm a girl': Australian comedian comes out as trans on YouTube

George Pell controversy: pursuit of Cardinal hindering royal commission

A helpful guide to free speech: don't be a dick

The world regards Australia's healthcare system as one of the best. It's time we realised why

Independent modelling backs Labor's negative gearing policy

Negative gearers aren't poor, Mr Morrison

Negative Gearing: There’s No Positives For Renters Like Me

Negative Gearing – Why Boomers and Gen X Need to Let It Go

Baby Asha: Authorities preparing to remove asylum seeker baby from Lady Cilento Hospital, refugee advocates say

After I Lived in Norway, America Felt Backward. Here’s Why. A crash course in social democracy. 

The rise of Donald Trump is a terrifying moment in American politics

Trump supporters file 'birther' lawsuit against Cruz in federal court - I've no time for Cruz but if the worst thing you can say about him is that he wasn't born in the right place, that's pathetic

We Already Had an Election to Decide Who Gets to Appoint the Next Supreme Court Justice, It was in 2012. - Republicans didn't wait until the body was cold to start salivating for their next overreach.

Ronald Reagan Once Urged Senate To Act On Lame-Duck Supreme Court Nomination Of Anthony Kennedy - but it's okay for Republicans.

How America Was Lost "Once upon a time, the death of a Supreme Court justice wouldn’t have brought America to the edge of constitutional crisis."

Shed no tears for Antonin Scalia: Let us not praise the man who gave us Citizens United and Bush v Gore - He also ruled that new evidence of innocence is no reason not to execute someone. So yeah, fuck that guy.

Trump says Planned Parenthood does ‘wonderful things’

The Death of the Republican Party

All the terrible things Hillary Clinton has done — in one big list

You’re Damn Right Electability Matters to Black Voters

Stop Bernie-Splaining to Black Voters

Feeling the Yern: Why One Millennial Woman Would Rather Go to Hell Than Vote for Hillary

Senior U.S. Supreme Court Associate Justice Antonin Scalia found dead at West Texas ranch

Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Antonin Scalia agree to disagree

“Where to Invade Next” Is the Most Subversive Movie Michael Moore Has Ever Made

Donald Trump and the conservative psyche: What Republican operatives don’t understand about the Donald’s transcendent appeal "the GOP has allowed itself to shape-shift over the course of the last five decades from a political party to a quasi-religious movement."

Trump Wins South Carolina; Rubio Edges Out Cruz For Second

Sir Terry Wogan: Veteran broadcaster dies, aged 77

Lambeth Bridge bus explosion: Central London blast for Jackie Chan film sparks panic among unsuspecting viewers

Antarctic penguin colony decimated after giant iceberg alters access to water, food

Hamburg Eliminates Coffee Capsules And Bottled Water From Its Public Services - Good!

Dairy economics: A ban most farmer unfriendly

David Bowie’s ‘Lady Grinning Soul’ Claudia Lennear of Pomona remembers her friend

Beware of Mr. Baker

Final pictures of Viola Beach revealed as friend shares band's last hours

Rolling Stones 'under 24-hour armed guard' after a worker on their tour of South America is shot dead

24/192 Music Downloads ...and why they make no sense - I'm not clever enough to argue, although I would say the greater care taken in the mastering of hi-res downloads is worth it whatever the bitrate.

Why CDs May Actually Sound Better Than Vinyl - They can, but again: mastering.

Paul McCartney’s “Wild Life!” The Disastrous Debut Of “Wings!” McCartney’s Plea To John Lennon! - "a video promoting the 2012 remastered version of the album..." yeah, um, nope.

Classic albums given new life at Abbey Road Studios with 'half-speed' vinyl treatment

Bay Area Woman Supervising Grammys House Mix Wins Her Own Award

I’m not your mitzvah project

The truth about dogs and humans - we're different

ABC acknowledges error in reporting of Nauru child sexual assault story, paediatrician says she provided correct information - this in no way implies that children are not being abused

How the bimbos of breakfast TV disgraced themselves and feminism

Sunrise host Sam Armytage hits back at Virginia Haussegger for calling her a 'mindless bimbo'

Scream It Until Their Ears Bleed: Pay The Fucking Writers

Twitter changes its live timeline, introduces ‘Home’ feature

Hard decisions for a sustainable platform

Latest financial report for streaming service SoundCloud is far worse than anybody imagined

Whatever You Do, Don't Set Your iPhone To 1970

Apple:  A Message to Our Customers 

Mental health:
The design of work needs to change to prevent mental illness

We need a better vocabulary to describe emotional emergencies

An apology to my autistic students…

A Reminder: Halliburton Related KBR, Inc. Made A Profit Of $39.5 Billion From The War In Iraq

How American tipping grew out of racism

How A Dead Millionaire Convinced Dozens Of Women To Have As Many Babies As Possible

Don’t use body mass index to determine whether people are healthy, UCLA-led study says

Man given two weeks to live after taking popular weight-loss product purchased online

You Can't Judge How Healthy Your Food Is by Whether or Not It Rots

New Research Shows Earth’s Tilt Influences Climate Change

Eric Idle - Chapter Five: B Day

Artist Stephen Lund Rides His Bike to Create GPS Doodles

I’m Not Political (Because I Assume I Will Retain All of My Privileges Forever)

Clickbait of the week:
These hilarious Star Wars gifs imagine Kylo Ren's difficult teenage years

I got stupid on me and now I'm wiping it off on you:
Alex Jones: Obama Murdered Justice Scalia And Donald Trump Is Next - I actually can't believe if took him all of 24 hours to think of this.

The least boring photo on my camera roll:

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