01 February, 2016

Thinking of linking

This week I have been mostly reading...

Since when did dumb-arsed nationalism become compulsory?

Bloated Sam Kekovich Does More For Veganism Than Any Before Him

Tony Abbott to recontest Warringah seat in next election after encouragement from colleagues

The next stage of parliamentary life will be the toughest character test Abbott has faced in politics

Is Abbott staying on to Rudd Turnbull out?

Blood on the Southern Cross

Multiculturalism puts the lie to monarchists' mission

Tim Wilson: government should apologise over sacked Nauru Save the Children staff

Teenager exposed by hackers after country Victoria 'bashing'

David Morrison lists violence, equal pay and republic as Australian of the Year priorities

Australian of the Year David Morrison delivers Malcolm Turnbull slapdown in first speech

Je Suis Mark Latham: Razer on Charlie Hebdo, free speech and former Labor leaders

Whacktivism and Whacky Ibises – The Newish World of Online Campaigning

The cult of the arsehole

Victoria’s most remote communities not remote enough

1200 people on a train is 50 per cent too many: rail overcrowding getting worse

Kevin Andrews skips Parliament to address conservative lobby group in Washington on defence

Eric Abetz: Coalition MPs will not be bound by plebiscite on marriage equality

Zero tolerance: Andrews to crack down on gay 'conversion' therapy

Book reveals Tony Abbott and Peta Credlin’s secrets

Briggs, Pearce and power

An Open Letter to Sarah Palin From a Veteran With PTSD

Ted Cruz's Former Roommate Won't Stop Hilariously Blasting Him on Twitter

The Petraeus Vendetta - So it's okay to share potentially classified information with someone so long as they can keep a secret?

A Shady Conservative Group Is Fundraising Off the Death of a Ben Carson Volunteer

German court says Amazon e-mail 'share' function unlawful

Explainer: Malcolm Turnbull and the incendiary idea to partition Iraq

Explorer Worsley Dies After Antarctic Airlift

David Bowie Bassist Gail Ann Dorsey: 'He Altered the Course of My Life'

Was musical memory the secret to Brian Wilson's genius?

Bob Weir Acoustic Show Turns Into Parade Through San Francisco, Singing 'Here Comes The Sun'

You can only really count on 4 of your 150 Facebook friends, study says - this just in from MISPWOSO

Why the public should know when ministers meet media chiefs

Woody Guthrie Despised His Landlord—Donald Trump's Racist Father

I got stupid on me and now I'm wiping it off on you:
Trump Claims He Could Shoot Someone And Not Lose Voters - He may be right. You can't get less than zero.

'I didn't wanna believe it either': Rapper BoB insists the Earth is flat

The least boring photo on my camera roll:

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