01 November, 2015

Thinking of linking

This week I have been mostly reading...

Police to investigate alleged training fraud

Nick Xenophon wants politicans to stop double-dipping 

Wyatt Roy spends big, claiming $540,000 in office expenses

Malcolm the messiah

Bernie Fraser says Government's 'moral case' for coal mines is 'nonsense'

'Dad, why are we here?': No money, no life and a baby on the way at Nauru

Tony Abbott may have lost the top job, but he still has a job

Catholic priests slam Tony Abbott's anti-immigration Margaret Thatcher Lecture

Australian officials paid asylum seeker boat crew, Amnesty investigation alleges  

Asylum seeker found dead at Brisbane airport 'feared deportation' 

Australia Zoo crisis: Humans and animals both mistreated, say ex-staff

Turnbull is starting to push his progressive hand

Ex-PM suggests Christ was weak on border protection

Tony Abbott’s vain hope

Tony Abbott's ideology laid bare: no compromise, just fight, fight, fight

Australia’s biggest meat-eaters title nothing to brag about

An Engineer Explains Why Trump’s Wall Is So Implausible

‘Pharma bro’ Martin Shkreli gets ‘schooled by a real f*cking doctor’ during disastrous Reddit interview

Bush Admin. Secretly Warned Republicans To Sell Stocks A Week Before 08 Crash

Ted Cruz’s best moment of the Republican debate was also completely wrong

GOP and the Rise of Anti-Knowledge

The 18 best restaurants in New Orleans - Now THIS is going to start arguments, and if you have to ask why, then...

Tax credits vote: PM accuses Lords of breaking constitutional convention - Two things here: What does it say when a bunch privileged old buffers understand the community better than elected representatives, and NOW the Tories think the Lords is undemocratic.

Free the Naked Rambler

Grant application rejected over choice of font

Tony Blair apologises for Iraq war 'mistakes' - and admits there's a good chance the war allowed the likes of ISIS to rise. But who could have known? Oh, only the hundreds of people who said so at the time.

Doctors Without Borders Says Yemen Hospital Is Destroyed

New top deck for Queen Emma Bridge

What first attracted De Niro and pals to billionaire casino owner James Packer?

The real genius of “Sweet Jane”: The 2 little letters out of Lou Reed’s mouth that say so much 

Phil Collins Plotting Comeback: 'I Am No Longer Retired'

Live review: Robbie Williams

Live review: 10cc - Actually, I wrote this one, so show it some love, eh?

Caring too much. That's the curse of the working classes

David Remnick: ‘We are too complicated to just be called serious’ 

Sean Hannity Uses Fake News Website To Claim ISIS Will Invade America

Junk Food Journalism: Why Annabel Crabb’s Kitchen Cabinet Is Toxic 

John Oliver Doesn't Want Donald Trump On His Show Ever

1% to stop the slaughter!

Australian birds a lot smarter than we might think

Tracey Stewart Reveals the One Thing She Told Jon That Made Him Change the Way He Eats

Jon Stewart And His Wife Start Sanctuary For Abused Farm Animals

MIT discovers the location of memories: Individual neurons

These Photos Show How The World Might Look To A Person With Autism

Processed meats rank alongside smoking as cancer causes – WHO - this is probably overstating the case, but any reason to stop is a good one

WHO is terrible at communicating their findings

Does Europa’s ‘chaos terrain’ hide a salty ocean?

The 33 Trickiest Questions Apple Asks Its Job Applicants

Gough Whitlam: 40 years on, the Dismissal still intrigues

Theology and Hate

RIP Harriet Klausner, The Web's Most Prolific Book Reviewer

Clive James: ‘People congratulate me for staying busy, as if that were a formula for extending life’

Humour and satire:
Free speech champion Biff Bootface in: 'Mystery on Guano Island' 

Tony Abbott Has Been Denied Re-Entry To Australia

I got stupid on me and I need to wipe it off on you:
The Myth of Basic Science - Warning: this is medical grade stupid. Conclusion: Stuff would have happened anyway

Tony Abbott urges Europe to adopt boat turnbacks in response to refugee crisis

The least boring photo on my camera roll:

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