25 October, 2015

Thinking of linking

This week I have been mostly reading...

Malcolm Turnbull's miracle poll turnaround for the Coalition risks messiah complex

Bill Shorten's class act falls on deaf ears

Michael Lawler really should have taken his own advice. And shut up.

The racists are exposed, now let's end the stalking of Adam Goodes

Joe Hockey Leaves Politics Little More Than A Footnote To Abbott’s Demise

Joe Hockey's biggest failure was his loyalty to Tony Abbott

It’s hardly class war to mention the fact that class exists

We haven’t seen the back of Tony Abbott yet

Offshore detention bill hits $280m for three months, Senate hearing told

Hockey's farewell speech was largely rubbish, confirming that he had never been up to the job

As Treasurer, Hockey proved to be an ordinary Joe

ASIO's Ben Chifley building has turned the spy agency into noisy neighbours

Afghan asylum seeker dies after setting himself on fire during video call with activists

This week policy took centre stage for a change - It's nice when the gallery notices

On Democratic Principle, the Fourth Estate, and visiting Nauru

How can I feel Australian when this country has told me I don't belong?

'Offers over $40,000': Tony Abbott joins the international speakers circuit ...or Man who wanted to abolish penalty rates willing to charge more than a waiter's annual wage for one night's work.

Bill Shorten's unsung role in Tony Abbott's demise

Ted Cruz’s inability to be liked

I’ve Looked At Airbnb and It’s Way Worse Than You Think

Westboro Baptist Church Picketed Kim Davis For 'Enabling Fag Marriage' - Talk about nuts who deserve each other.

San Diego company slaps ‘Pharma Bro’ down by offering same cancer drug for $1 a pill 

The Big Bush Question

Mitt Romney Admits Obamacare Was Based on Romneycare—and That It Worked

Trey Gowdy Just Elected Hillary Clinton President

U.S. Tells Iraq: If You Ally With Russia Against ISIS, “You’re Our Enemy”

A New York Pizzeria Is Making Sure Mets Fans Won’t Have To Eat Deep Dish ‘Monstrosities’ In Chicago - Please see editor's note at the bottom of this piece.

Manchester United stars Neville and Giggs tell hotel squatters: stay for winter  

Germaine Greer: Transgender women are 'not women'

Petition urges Cardiff University to cancel Germaine Greer lecture 

John Oliver: "Stephen Harper doesn't care about Muslim people"

Justin Trudeau begins first full day as Canada's prime minister-designate

British activist Jacky Sutton found dead in Istanbul airport 

ANU academic Jacky Sutton dies in Turkey; colleagues, family unconvinced cause was suicide

What If They Gave a War and Everyone Came?

The Neuroscience of Bass: New Study Explains Why Bass Instruments Are Fundamental to Music

Paul McCartney talks Pipes of Peace with James Dean Bradfield

Why Paul McCartney's obscure and dissed 'Temporary Secretary' is the secret weapon of DJs worldwide

David Bowie Reportedly Releasing New Album Blackstar in January

Rupert Murdoch Is Deviant Scum - And rain is wet, but still a good rant.

Keep Islamophobia on the fringes where it belongs

Obscure Tumblr Sexuality Saved My Life

Star Wars and 007 are coming – beware the fanboy clones  

Secret languages of doctors, waiters, flight attendants, butchers and teachers

The Periodic Table of Elements Scaled to Show The Elements’ Actual Abundance on Earth

Even Avogadro Didn’t Know Avogadro’s Number

Mars - Peas in a pod

20 Intriguing Exoplanets

Why It's Unethical To Go Back In Time And Kill Baby Hitler

Facebook expands search so you know what everyone's talking about

Clickbait of the week:
24 Pics That Prove 'Ken M' Is The Greatest Troll On The Internet

I got stupid on me and now I need to wipe it off on you:
When is it socially acceptable to wear black tights? 

Tony Abbott - Washington Speakers Bureau 

The least boring photo on my camera roll:

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