29 November, 2015

Thinking of linking

This week I have been mostly reading...

Julie Bishop had eyes in coup meeting plotting against Tony Abbott

Australian all-electric bus drives into record books – 1,018km on one charge

Hunters & Collectors frontman Mark Seymour condemns use of Holy Grail at Reclaim Australia anti-Muslim rallies

Face of Reclaim Australia rally Nathan Paterson insists: I'm not racist - How horrible it must be to be judged on how you look

Tax transparency: full list of exempt companies revealed as Senate battle looms 

Angry Liberal MPs question Tony Abbott 'resistance movement' and Monkey Pod lunches

Masters director Melinda Smith resigns as D-Day looms for Woolworths - "Labour costs are different in Australia to the US," she said. "Christmas in the US is in the middle of winter, which is different to Australia." File under 'Ya think?"

I am a tax cheat – and the Tax Lady is after me

Clubs NSW backs down, drops defamation case against Wilkie

Clive Palmer says Mal Brough asked him to help 'destroy' Peter Slipper

Windfall for wind farm watchdog: PM's part-time commissioner to nab $600,000

'Classic Ponzi scheme': Sydney house prices cost 12 times the annual income

Bad reception for PM: The Lodge’s renovations interfere with neighbours’ mobile phones

AP FACT CHECK: Most GOP Candidates Flunk Climate Science - File under "Ya think?" part 2

‘More men named Mike have killed people’

Ike’s Advice: How to Avoid a Multiplicity of Fears

America Is Too Dumb for TV News

Trump almost got it right: Some people were arrested for celebrating 9/11 — but they were Israeli

A White Male Terrorist Shot More People Today Than Refugees Have Since 9/11

Why are the Mersey tunnels closed at night? 

Cameron doesn't know what he's doing so he shouldn't go to war

WhatsApp messages show Israeli soldiers knew they were about to kill a child

'It's not enough to consider ourselves good men because we don't bash women'

The Katering Show Announce New Season For ABC; Are Very Worried About The Internet Crushing Them

Climate Spectator closes

The Age Music Victoria Awards Hall Of Fame Concert

How Apple Is Giving Design A Bad Name

The Islamic men feeding Sydney’s homeless

At first light: the most iconic camera-less photographs – in pictures 

How 10 Famous Artists Would Plate Thanksgiving Dinner

Humour and satire:
Perspective Advisory System

The week in stupid:
Liberal Senator Cory Bernardi mistakenly quotes American neo-Nazi

The least boring photo on my camera roll:

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