02 September, 2013

The adults in the room

Another morning, another press conference from Tony Abbott talking about how “adult” he is.

Do you know how to spot an adult?
They’re the ones who don’t need to brag that they’re adults.

Maturity, like intelligence, is self-evident. Have you ever seen Bob Hawke, Kim Beazley or Malcolm Turnbull waving their Rhodes scholarships in people’s faces in order to counter a perception that they’re a bit dim? Of course you haven’t, because their knowledge, education and intelligence is obvious, regardless of what you think of them politically.

Adulthood is not poking your tongue out at the speaker of the house.
Adulthood is not telling the nation that they should vote for you because someone in Corangamite dropped his dacks and then following it up by quoting a bum joke.

Show me someone who talks a lot about how mature and adult he is, and I’ll show you a petulant child with ambitions above his ability.


  1. The answer is D for me, I’m afraid. It worries me how young people can line up with the coalition. Maybe it IS hip to be square.

    Very funny Bill, and redolent of 1066 And All That

  2. Apologies Bill - this comment belonged on a more recent post of yours