06 September, 2013

Other “poorly worded” Liberal policies

Thursday was a real dog-ate-my-homework day for the Coalition.

First there were the long-awaited policy costings which, by their own calculations, offer a measly $6 billion in savings over four years. Then there was the internet filter fiasco. The mandatory internet filter which everyone, including the Liberal party opposed when Labor proposed it, and which was quietly dropped by Labor last year would have been back under a Liberal government. I say “would have been” because they reversed the policy a couple of hours later. Tony Abbott said that he quickly read the policy the previous night and though that it meant optional PC-based software (presumably there isn’t a Mac version) and shadow communications minister Malcolm Turnbull tweeted that the policy “wrongly indicated” support of an opt-out system.

It can only lead one to wonder what other “poorly worded” policies the Liberals have rushed out that give a misleading view of their intentions and may not be picked up in the next 24 hours…

  • “WorkChoices dead, buried and cremated” should read: “Dead, but being resurrected.”
  • “Paid Parental Leave,” is a typo. Should be, “Maid parental leave,” which is the coalition’s policy for compensating the head of the house when their domestic staff take leave.
  • “Operation Secure Borders,” actually refers to safer online book shopping.
  • “Stop the boats,” has a word left out. Should read: “Stop reporting the boats.”
  • “Direct action,” is not actually a policy but a page from the script of one of their television commercials that fell into the wrong folder.

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