31 August, 2013

Rock and Roll is dead

I've always been slightly bemused by the way every rebellious, revolutionary generation whose parents just don't get it, looks at subsequent generations and says their fashion, music and culture is all rubbish.  Just accept that whatever you listened to between the ages of 13 and 30 is always going to feel more important to you than anything else, regardless of artistic merit. I am as guilty as anyone else. I find a lot of modern music offensive, purely on a creative level, but since I'm on the wrong side of 40 now, I'm sure that's the point. 

So when your favourite bands - formerly edgy and dangerous bands like the Rolling Stones, The Ramones and Guns 'n' Roses - are the new feature of a Fathers Day sale at one of the more downmarket chains of affordable apparel and cheap undies, it's time to admit you're just not cool any more.

Any boost to Best & Less's street cred by having a range of rock shirts is surely outweighed by the blow to the street cred of the bands by being sold at Best & Less.

Hope I die before I get old.


  1. Everyone should wish to live so long that the soundtrack to their teen angst becomes musak - It's a rite of passage.

    Suck it up princess!

    1. Hey, nothing to suck up. What you've said is basically my point.