22 August, 2013

How to succeed in business, media and politics* without really trying

(*assuming there is still any difference)

There’s an old saying, attributed to several different sources but that’s not really the point, that the secret to success is sincerity, and once you can fake that, you’ve got it made.

This no longer applies.  Observable evidence suggests that nobody really cares about sincerity any more.

Between Rupert Murdoch behaving like he’s the little guy fighting the toffs,
Andrew Bolt, whose ’blog hosts some of the most hateful comments this side of 4chan, and whose own posts are sometimes only slightly less ugly, dismissing Twitter as a “sewer of hate,” (Warning: links to Bolt’s ’blog) 
and Tony Abbott.  Where to even begin with Tony Abbott? 

He has claimed that turning the needy away is in line with Christian teachings. He and his front bench are complaining that Labor is not giving details on its policies despite not released any details of his own policies and insisting that all will be revealed “in good time,” with just over two weeks to go until the election. Then there was last night’s second leaders debate with the venue, host, broadcaster and format of Abbott’s choice. In this forum, after spending three years chanting mantras about boats, carbon tax and demanding an election, Abbott fell back on a pathetic, frat boy tactic of pointing to Rudd and asking, “Does this guy ever shut up?”

Tony Abbott gets his statesman on

Forget faking sincerity. The secret to success is, whether by accident or design, to be completely and utterly oblivious to your own rank hypocrisy.

Anyone who hasn't spent their whole life in a bubble will tell you that the first refuge of a bully is to accuse your target of your own worst behaviour. We should be beyond  being shocked at Tony Abbott's unmitigated gall, but his accusation that it was Julia Gillard of turning political discourse into "crude political head-banging" has got to break some kind of record

Any real man who would say THIS after standing in front of THIS should die of shame.

Vote for whoever you want.

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