09 May, 2015

Thinking of Linking

This week I have been mostly reading...

Tony Abbott still has axiom to grind

On Scott McIntyre: the greatest insult is to whitewash the fallen 

Taiwanese Golden Farms chicken factory worker discovers underpayment

Budget sweeteners no fix for Abbott’s popularity woes

Federal budget 2015: GST on Netflix and more on the way

Richard Di Natale elected Greens leader following Christine Milne resignation

Was Christine Milne pushed or did she jump?

Nauru detention centre should have an independent monitor, UN inspectors say

How to fix politics in one easy lesson

Budget must move beyond political fetish

Will Hockey really put ‘tough choices’ behind him for sake of survival?

University of Western Australia pulls out of Bjorn Lomborg centre Good!

Why we should share the top job if we care about good leadership

CIA's Ex-No. 2 Says ISIS ‘Learned from Snowden’

Huey P. Long train trestle repairs underway after container accident

Why, 30 years ago, Philadelphia dropped a bomb on itself

Should We Re-elect the Worst British Government for 75 Years?

The austerity delusion. The case for cuts was a lie. Why does Britain still believe it?

Paul Krugman has got it wrong on austerity
Roger Waters Slams Silicon Valley's 'Rogues and Thieves' 

It's Official! Rowland S Howard Laneway Approved

The Sun stalks 17yo girl's family

SBS reporter loses job after Facebook post on non-Anglo faces To lose one reporter over an unwritten rule of ideological purity is unfortunate. To lose two...

Keeping the lid on NBN discontent

Russian Spaceship Named Progress to Crash Back to Earth on Friday 

Large Exoplanet and Small Star Pairing Baffles Astronomers

Western Victorian scientists make world-first climate change finding

I got stupid on me and I need to wipe if off on you:
The UN is using climate change as a tool not an issue Government business advisor knows science is wrong and being used by the UN for a new world order. In case this is paywalled, here's the gist:
Climate change a UN-led ruse, says Tony Abbott's business adviser Maurice Newman  Seriously, if Newman were saying that on a street corner instead of in the Australia, he'd be locked up.

The least boring photo on my camera roll:

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