02 May, 2015

Thinking of Linking

This week I have been mostly reading...


Reporting from the battlefield: a former correspondent's tale of recovery from PTSD

Broadcaster sacked for anti-ANZAC Day tweets

Tory Maguire appointed Editor-in-Chief of HuffPost Australia

Expecting the unexpected

Bali 9 and the #hash reality about slacktivism

Barrie Cassidy queers the pitch

Henry Rollins: The Major Labels Are Screwing Up Record Store Day

Adrian Mole and me: how this 1980s icon nailed the politics of the era Tom Watson

We can identify men at risk of committing sex crimes, but will we help them take responsibility? 

Sexist peer review elicits furious Twitter response, PLOS apology - Seriously??

With How Old Do I Look?, Microsoft is harvesting thousands of faces. Uh, isn't that creepy? 

Clickbait of the week:
Every Question In Every Q&A Session Ever

The least boring photo on my camera roll:


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