11 April, 2015

Thinking of Linking

This week I have been mostly reading...

Redgum Songwriter Disturbed At Reclaim Australia's 'Co-opting' Of Iconic Song Of Peace

Rupert Murdoch's US empire siphons $4.5b from Australian business virtually tax-free

Liberal chief Michael Kroger warns party must change or face electoral death

Promises, promises ... now it's time for Tony Abbott to focus on the nitty-gritty 

Change, Bill Shorten, Change!

They Came, They Swore, They Reclaimed Australia

What no one wants to mention in Grant Hackett's 'remarkable' comeback

"There is something rather perfect about humiliating fascists on pesach."

Anti-penalty rates campaign backfires From the "who'da thunk?" files.

How To Respond To The Reclaimers: Troll Them Like This MP Did

George Brandis just spent $134,200 on this paperweight

Richie Benaud dies: Former Australia captain, journalist and broadcaster's most memorable quotes 

How Ernst Wanke Road got its name (and how to pronounce it) I had wondered

What Joe should tell his colleagues about his budget 

Reclaim Australia protests threaten more division

Heckuva job you’re doing on foreign policy, Congress

Iran letter blowback startles Republicans They also expressed shock at how a ball falls to the ground when you let it go and wondered why ice turns to water if you leave it out in the sun.

Rand Paul’s Bid To Be Everything To Every Republican Voter (Buzzfeed warning, but still a good analysis)

Terrytown rapper didn't see his killer walk up with pistol, witnesses testify

News Corp.’s $1 Billion Plan to Overhaul Education Is Riddled With Failures Hmmm... why would News Corp want to influence education?

“The GOP has scores of racists”: A former Bush official condemns modern Republican orthodoxy 

In 2016 campaign, the lament of the not quite rich enough 

A Lot Of Bottled Water Comes From Drought-Stricken California

The tide is turning against the scam that is privatisation 

Website maps locations of Nazi attacks in London

Ed Miliband in 'politician with genitals' shocker

I was radicalised by a neo-Nazi group. It could just have easily been Isis 

The Big Life: More Than John Lennon’s First Wife

Salutin' Putin: inside a Russian troll house

In Bed with Neo-Nazis

Bombing Yemenis? You bet. Fighting IS in Iraq? Not so fast

Mike Oldfield, The Best of the Warner years 

Mental health:
An open letter to Katie Hopkins

Razer on Mark Latham’s Harden Up prescription for the depressed chattering class

Humour & Satire:
Reclaim Australia Accidentally Reclaims 1930s Germany

Millions Mourn As Rocker/Activist Ted Nugent, Age 66, Found Alive

A racist carrot reclaims Australia

Never Redesign Your Website Again

April-fools Gameboy add-on for the iPhone may soon be a reality

5 People Who Became Memes, And How They Reacted 

Dallas Buyers Club: how Hollywood turns a buck from 'pirates'

Worried about a fine for pirating Dallas Buyers Club? It serves you right

Hannity’s Slavery-Loving Pal Blames Walter Scott For His Death – And The Other Guest Walks Off! Just how much of an extremist do you have to be to make Hannity seem reasonable? 

Stan Freberg (1926-2015)

Stan Freberg: five top parodies from the master of the funny commercial 

Comedian and Voice Actor Stan Freberg Dies at 88

Richie Benaud RIP: Summer will never be the same again

Richie Benaud's best quotes

I got stupid on me and I need to wipe it off on you:
Flag-burning reported to Human Rights I'm not entirely sure George Christensen knows the difference between a human and a flag.

Australia’s Politicians From Luke Warm To Smoking Hot (Buzzfeed warning but actually really, really terrible. Did someone actually get paid to "write" this?)

Clickbait of the week:
Random acts of kindness (No, I've just got something in my eye)

The least boring photo on my camera roll:

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