04 April, 2015

The most delicious irony of the day

If you need any proof that the organisers of today's so-called "Reclaim Australia" rallies are a bunch of racists, then (a) you're probably an idiot and (b) you need look no further than their own promotions.

Picture: @geraldmellor
Notwithstanding the inability to count, most peaceful protests don't need to specifically tell attendees not to wear their neo-nazi gear. If you're rallying people who need to be told this, or even if you think you might accidentally attract the kind of people who need to be told this, you should probably rethink your lifestyle choices.

If there was some element of plausible deniability in the above facebook post, this message board post totally blew the cover:

Picture: @TheMurdochTimes
Now have you all got that? It's an undercover operation so whatever you do, Don't look like nazis! Okay? We want passers-by to think we're just like them. Shouldn't be too hard.

They forgot to tell them to cover up the tattoos though:
Picture: Herald Sun
I am reminded of the story of the Jewish cobbler, who knew the identities of all the klansmen in town, despite their white sheets, by their shoes.

We can be thankful that by and large, racists aren't very smart.

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