03 May, 2013

Reading between the lines, Part 3 – It’s not you, it’s us

In the world of ‘odd spot’ news (which is all some outlets do these day), nothing last week could top the story of three men deported from Saudi Arabia, allegedly for “too handsome.”

While it seems unlike the Saudis to let someone down gently, something about this just screams “cover story.”  Whether it is or it isn’t, this is something Australia could learn from, and perhaps utilise.

For example…
“It’s not that we have anything against your refreshingly novel ideas on Islam and multiculturalism Mr Wilders, or your right to present those views to the most humble of our countrymen.  It’s just that with your glowing locks and beaming, boyish face, we have real concerns that you may cause our women to lose interest in our local men and possibly even turn some of those men gay for you.  I’m sure none of us want that.  I’m sure you understand.”

How easy would that be?

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