01 May, 2013

Reading between the lines, Part 2

The latest line from the Liberal party and their leader is that, should they win the election, Tony Abbott expects to “grow into the job,” of prime minister.  They back this up by reminding us that John Howard grew into the job.

1:  After nearly four years as opposition leader, Tony Abbott is still not ready to be prime minister and he knows it.
2:  John Howard was a naïve git before he became a cynical arse.

1 comment:

  1. So, an exceptional education, a private sector career of varying levels of success and 20 odd years in politics has not equipped you for the position you aspire to. Tony, this particular metaphorical yellow jersey is not made of lycra. And we all know how much you like lycra.
    Nor is the Office of the Prime Minister of Australia a new pair of shoes for a nine year old.
    I know I could make this flow better, but it's all there