23 October, 2011

A scene from an alternate reality

I haven’t said much about the Occupy [insert nearest city here] demonstrations in Australia, mainly because others like Geordie Guy, Kimbo Ramplin, Mike Stuchbery and Geoff Lemon have said it so much better.
One little addition occurs to me…

It’s pretty much agreed that the queen’s visit was at least partly behind Melbourne Mayor Robert Doyle’s decision to have to protest moved on.  Let’s just imagine what might have happened if the mayor hadn’t acted and ’er maj’s eyes were sullied by the sight of a few crusty drum circles in the city square.

Lord Mayor:  Your Majesty, I must apologise for this inexcusable disruption of the peace by that unruly mob over there.  I assure you, this doesn’t usually happen.

The Queen:  Look ’ere cobber, I don’t know if you get the news over here or if you just have the memory of a pot smoking goldfish, but two months ago, half of England was orn fire!  Windows were smashed, shops were looted, whole blocks were burned down and people died!  You think this is a disruption?  You call than an unruly mob?  That’s nowt!  HTFU, me ol’ china and pour me another G&T while you’re about it.”

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