21 October, 2011

On the day's events

It's not as if the Occupy Melbourne (or Sydney, or especially Brisbane) protests are not predominantly a bunch of bandwagon-jumpers with victim envy, copying and ultimately trivialising important statements being made by others overseas.
But one has to note the irony that on the day the world rejoiced at the death of a tyrant, Melbourne City Council send police with horses, dogs and capsicum spray to disperse a peaceful demonstration that was not hurting anyone or stopping anyone from going about their business.

In doing so, they have proven the protesters' point, which up until now, had always been pretty contrived.

Let freedom ring!


  1. Oh yes, the irony that the same people decrying the oppression of Bolt's free speech were rejoicing in the silencing of the free speech of others (that they don't agree with).

  2. He should have joined them. I said at the time, there were plenty of street corners available to him.