25 November, 2009

A visitor

Meet my new friend. He was sitting on the rails outside my work this evening. Kookaburras aren't uncommon around here, but it's pretty rare for one to come as close as this. He's a pretty young one and was probably waiting for his mum.

Checking out the renovations.

A much more appropriate perch for the king of the bush.


  1. There are no lions in the bush?

  2. The last photo is beautiful. Simply beautiful!!!

  3. Nice Picture, great photography works.

  4. I got really lucky with the camera - it belongs to work and it's one of those fake SLRs. It made me realise the shortcomings of some compacts.

    Fab, I was referring to the song. ;)

  5. Great shots!
    The best part being that you had a camera at hand to click these great poses of Kookaburra.

    I liked your thoughtful captions,especially the one, "checking out the renovations."

    Thanks Bill for visiting my blog. I agree on the fact, just adding a line in comment isn't doing justice to the essence of commenting. Adding to the discussion is what every writer expects it's commentors to do (including you and me)

    Keep up the wonderful work.


  6. And thank you for visiting mine.
    Thanks also for the copyright service I noticed there. It's a great idea and I'm signing up right now.

  7. Just an observation. A few quick shots of a cute bird gets 7 comments while lengthy [by blog standards] discussions of current political issues and obviously thought-out critical reviews get less.

    Is this an indication of what people are more likely to read or just what they're more willing to comment on?

    If the quick snapshots are favoured over the posts that take the most effort will that gradually weaken the power of the blog as a whole? Whatever power that may be. Will the people who prefer a lenghty discussion continue to discuss even if nobody else does? Will all blogs eventually be reduced to twitteresque text messages?

    Or is the real issue at hand that I've not had my morning coffee yet?

    I report, you decide.

  8. I'd noticed that too, although in fairness, I was going to wait until the Libs post had been up as long as the kookaburra before mentioning anything. Maybe I'll do the experiment next week and post the video I took today of a baby magpie.

    But thinking about it some more, some people buy the newspaper for the news, some people buy it for the racing guide, some people buy it for the classifieds, some people buy it for the comics and some people even buy the newspaper.

    Some 'blogs stick to a particular topic, and some 'bloggers prefer to have separate 'blogs for their different interests or pursuits. That's fine. I just lump it all in together and hopefully people will find something interesting in there. If they comment, that's even better.

    I can imagine that some of my political rants are probably pretty boring, especially if someone is less familiar with the Liberal party than they are with kookaburras. I have to admit that if I saw a post that long, the writer would have to be pretty good to keep me from switching to skim mode. If someone can get through it without the benefit of coffee, that's even more impressive.

    So whether it's for considered political commentary or cute birds, I'm just happy if people are looking at it at all.