18 November, 2009


This is the mother lode. We can quibble over the few clips left off but there probably wasn't physically enough room on the discs for them all. The 5.1 remixes are exquisite and are only in DTS. The inferior Dolby format is only used for the audio commentaries while the music is in DTS for surround and uncompressed PCM for stereo.

There is the occasional head-scratching moment, like why they added a new video for Band on the Run that makes it look like the song is by the Beatles and not Wings. But there are also moments of explanation. One might wonder why they only included a handful of numbers from Rockshow instead of the whole film. The answer is revealed when watching those few tracks. Although great in its day, Rockshow just doesn't stand up well against modern concert films and while a few more songs might have been good, two hours' worth might not have been as involving. Do please give us the whole of Unplugged one day though! And ironically, since this disc isn't labelled as a concert film, they give us a complete, uninterrupted concert in the form of Glastonbury.

The bonus features are many and varied. A big highlight is Paul's commentaries on the clips. He makes no apologies for things that were a good idea at the time, like Say Say Say, nor does he make any excuses for things that were never a good idea, like London Town. Lovely song, pants clip. One feature that isn't advertised is the fact that Goodnight Tonight, Baby's Request and Fine Line are multi-angle clips that allow you to switch between two different versions of the same clip.

Highlight: Glastonbury
Feature: * * * * *
Extras: * * * * *
Audio: LPCM Stereo, DTS 5.1


  1. I've seen Rockshow on 1/2 inch and I agree that it doesn't stand up with today's concert videos. It's much better. We see the performers on stage, not the audience. They show songs in their entirety. There are no interviews with random celebrities. And best of all Paul still looks great and can swing that bass around like Thor. He does a little dance while playing that bassline from Silly Love Songs while singing that just reminds you that this man knows what he's doing.

    I want my Rockshow DVD. Now.

  2. I think the last time I saw Rockshow in its entirety would have been around late 1989 so it's really not fresh enough in my mind. But surely it must be possible to use today's video technology without having to resort to the "wow, look how famous he is!" shtick.

    There are a few bootlegs around - I might have to steal it some time. I've spent enough money on him to have no qualms about that.

    Totally with you on Silly Love Songs. I wish he would play that again. A lot of Paul's basslines are pretty complex even for someone who isn't doing anything else. Yet he manages to do it while singing a melody line that doesn't follow the bassline, and bopping along in a way that makes it look so damn easy that many people don't realise just how much he is doing. Silly Love Songs is one such song. Birthday is another. Try playing that bassline and singing at the same time. It's harder than it looks.