21 August, 2009

What are you afraid of?

I don’t understand the notion that Democrats are wimps. Can anyone imagine Dick Cheney hanging around a meeting if he knew there were people outside packing heat?

On Tuesday, The Daily Show did and excellent contrast between the tolerance shown towards people showing up to town hall meetings on health cover reform carrying loaded guns, and the hypersensitivity to criticism shown by Bush administration, who had people removed for wearing critical t-shirts.

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While I maintain that Jon Stewart is the most astute political commentator in America today, I think he is reading this one wrong.

Here's what I take from the contrast:

Republicans are scared of public health insurance and t-shirts,
Democrats aren't scared of crazy people with guns.

A clear and present danger

Exercising a constitutional right


  1. This is what scares this shit out of me about the USA.

  2. Democrats are wimps because they can't pass legislation they all want when they're the majority and they're a sorry excuse for an opposition party when they're the minority. Also because Republicans say so and they get the ratings.

    So who's better, Jon Stewart or Harry Shearer?

  3. That's like asking me to choose between the Beatles and World Party. There doesn't have to be a better, you're either good or you're not.

    I agree - even when they're controlling all levels of government, they still internalise all the Republican browbeating.

    They tried for bipartisanship and that's admirable, but when the other side makes it clear they're never going to play along, then it's time to say "Screw you! Who won the election?"

  4. The Beatles and World Party? That's a very easy choice. Has World Party ever packaged and repackaged then re-repackaged their repackaged re-repackaged albums?

  5. Actually, yes - but for different markets. The 2000 reissues of the back-catalogue were only available in Britain while the 2006 reissues of same catalogue were only available in the US.

    I think the backlash against the Beatles reissues is a little unfair. They haven't milked their back-catalogue nearly as much as bands like Pink Floyd or Led Zeppelin have. I think the real cash-grab is when they release lame compilations like the Yellow Submarine "songtrack," but they've been doing that since the mid 70s. Does anyone remember Reel Music or Love Songs?

    I never bought the Capitol albums because I never considered those to be real Beatles albums anyway, but if American fans want to have the albums the way they remember them the first time around, I have no problem with that. I did buy 1 as a Christmas present for my Godson's brother when he was 12 since it served as a pretty good introduction to the Beatles (and was successful, by the way) but I have no need for it.

    I must say, I'm greatly looking forward to hearing the Beatles' music in the mixes that they actually took some care on as opposed to the ones they tossed off for that gimmick they called stereo.