19 March, 2009

The Rules: Journalism


I am sick of hearing so-called interviewers, mainly in the American media, saying to their guests, "Talk about this thing."

It's bad enough that so much alleged news is little more than uncritical repetition of party or department talking points, but can't you even make it seem like you're questioning the guest? Couldn't you at least say "Can you explain to us....?" instead of just saying, "Talk about [insert daily talking point here]"?

Even the most simpering puff-piece on Entertainment Tonight will at least say, "Tell us about your character," instead of just saying, "Talk about that thing you came here to talk about for a moment. Fill some air time for us."

How can anyone be biased when they're this lazy?

1 comment:

  1. Did someone just ask you to talk about Journalism?