25 March, 2009

Deregulation to the Rescue!

Despite the world economic crisis confirming the massive dangers of rampant deregulation, there are still those who argue that it’s too much regulation that caused the disaster, not too little.

They are right, of course. It’s time everyone had the opportunity to benefit from deregulation.

In that spirit, I suggest we deregulate the road laws.
If someone has worked hard enough to afford a car that will do 200kph, and has the skills to control it, why shouldn’t he be allowed to perform at the peak of his potential? If it turns out that he cannot control such a powerful car, he will be made aware of that fact soon enough and natural attrition will take care of the rest. Why should the best and bravest drivers be dragged down to the level of the mediocre masses?

Let the market decide what a safe blood alcohol level is.

Rip out all traffic lights. First in, best dressed. He who hesitates is lost. You snooze, you lose. etc.

“What about pedestrians?” you may ask. Won’t they be in greater danger?
Well, at first they will. But as we all know, the greater the risk, the greater the return. Pedestrians will become fitter and more alert as increased competition leads to a better deal for everyone. As with drivers, the lower achieving pedestrians will fail and cease to be a drag on the market.

You know it makes sense.

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