26 March, 2021

It’s even worse than we thought

I really don’t want to sound like a crazy conspiracy theorist, but let’s put a few of this week’s clues together…

This week, we had the revelation that coalition staffers had a Facebook group where they posted photos of themselves masturbating and ejaculating onto the desks of female MPs. We also learned that other staffers used the parliament house prayer room for sex.

Under normal circumstances, it would be one of the most sickening things anyone working in parliament house could be accused of. But this is 2021, where a staffer has already been accused of raping another staffer in a ministerial office. Also a senior minister, later revealed to be attorney general Christian Porter, has been the subject of historical rape allegations.

It’s enough to make the idea of the former deputy prime minister, who had previously campaigned against same-sex marriage on the grounds of maintaining the sanctity of marriage, getting his media advisor pregnant and leaving his family for her seem quaint by comparison.

The story about the desk defiling and prayer room sex was broken by Peter Van Onselen. That would be the same Peter Van Onselen who is a close personal friend of Christian Porter. The same Peter Van Onselen who, having declared his conflict of interests in speaking on the Porter issue, continued to do so, long and loud, at every opportunity.

Curiously, unlike the rape allegations, the prime minister and his government were quick off the mark to denounce this latest behaviour.

Then a couple of days later, one of the Liberal party’s chief propagandists Peta Credlin used one of the Liberal party’s chief propaganda outlets Sky News to double down. She now alleges both staffers and MPs past and present hired sex workers for “gay orgies” during her time as chief of staff to the prime minister, and has only decided to talk about it now.

Are you thinking what I’m thinking, B2?

If this is the size of the dead cat they’re willing to throw on the table to distract from allegations of rape and cover-ups, things must be far worse than we think.

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