17 April, 2016

Seven Days of Bowie - Day Three

Jump They Say

Another song about madness, 20 years after Aladdin Sane - not that there weren't plenty in between. Again, the narrator empathises with the subject - everyone thinks they know what's best for him but all they really want is to be entertained, even if it's by the subject's suffering. In this sense, it's as much about fame as madness. Aladdin Fame?

The arrangement and mix is fairly contemporary to 1993, yet still manages to be individual with some amazing violining guitar from Reeves Gabrels. It also uses a device just before the fade which I've always been fond of - after reaching a climax, it pulls back to the basic arrangement.

This live version from 1995 also features some brief Mike Garson madness and also note the black and grey diagonal stripes again.

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