12 September, 2015

Thinking of linking

This week I have been most reading...

Local #IndiTalks media slams @MirabellaSophie’s “playground politics”

Officials admit discussing idea that cruise operator could hire foreign crew

Cruise ship boss wants apology from Prime Minister Tony Abbott over lie claim

Death penalty: Australian Federal Police dobs 1847 suspects

Syrian migrant crisis: Australian Islamic leaders label Christian refugee preference as 'bigoted'

Coalition auditor for 2013 election costings breached standards

The Syria Syndrome

FactCheck: Does Australia take more refugees per capita through the UNHCR than any other country?

Abbott's just saying 'stop the boats' to everything now?

Get on with your jobs: Christopher Pyne admits damage from Abbott government reshuffle talk

The refugee crisis has opened an ugly fissure in Australia's rightwing politics

Peter Dutton jokes with Tony Abbott about rising sea levels in Pacific nations  Adult government!

Peter Dutton overheard joking about rising sea levels in Pacific Island nations

Tony Abbott’s outburst: how the PM ‘dumped’ on Andrew Robb over the China free trade deal

Moronic lesser minds make a meal of migration

Kiribati president lashes Peter Dutton for 'vulgar' joke about rising sea levels in Pacific, urges action on climate change

'Waves are battering my home': Marshall Islands Foreign Minister slams Peter Dutton after climate joke

Karina Lock: nothing was going to stop ex-husband from murder 

Black, Harvard-Educated Ex-Tennis Star Says NYPD Tackled Him Outside Luxury Hotel

Entire native Alaskan villages are relocating as climate change pushes up sea levels

Stupidity, Not Religion, Put Kim Davis in Jail

Survivor Files $1.2 Million Lawsuit Against Kim Davis & Mike Huckabee It's probably easier and cheaper for Republicans to just assume that musicians hate them.

Michael Stipe to Donald Trump, Other Candidates Using Band's Music: "Go Fuck Yourselves" See?

Why I'm done with the 9/11 ritual

Rick Perry Drops Out, Takes Gloves Off With Trump When Rick Perry calls you ignorant...

Mitch Landrieu avoids house arrest with last-minute court ruling

Jeremy Corbyn’s critics back away from bid to elect shadow cabinet

Dame Vivienne Westwood Drives Tank To David Cameron's House In Fracking Protest

I wish we could all appraise class issues like Antiques Roadshow's tweedy experts

The Footy Show: TV's greatest embalming feat needs to go

Objective reporting: it's a thing of the past

Objective reporting: we need it more than ever

14 ways Buzzfeed found its Australian voice

New Pluto images confirm it as a world of mysteries 

​Wind Turbine Drone Inspection Could Be a $6 Billion Industry in Under a Decade

Mental health:
Why You Should Think Before You Ask ‘R U OK’ Today

Christian politicians won’t say it, but the Bible is clear: let the refugees in, every last one

Stephen Colbert, in interview, discusses faith, joy and humor

Humour and satire:
We need to look after our own first, say people who would never help anyone

The least boring photo on my camera roll:

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