29 June, 2014

Another day at the office

In a doorstop press conference outside the Liberal Federal Council meeting yesterday, the minister for obfuscation immigration Scott Morrison denied any asylum seeker boats had arrived this week adding that the department only comments on “significant” events.

He then fell back on a disgracefully glib line that he’s been trying out for a while now: “This is another day at the office for Operation Sovereign Borders.”

I don’t think “Another day at the office,” means what Mr Morrison thinks it means.

He is using the phrase to effectively say, “Move along, nothing to see here,” and saying in as many words that nothing significant has happened. So we’re expected to believe that another day at the office involves sitting back in quiet satisfaction of what a good job one is doing.

A day at the office when nothing significant happens is a wasted day. I would have thought the party of enterprise, productivity and “real action” would understand that.

Alternatively, as the party of savings and efficiency, if there’s nothing “significant” going on in the department from day to day, the department should be abolished, the minister redeployed to a position befitting his talents, and the savings put back into helping the most vulnerable in society.

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