03 January, 2014

Happy Trollday!

It really must take a special kind of gall to publish something like this.

Yes, pat yourself on the back deniers. 2013 may have been the hottest year on record, there are heatwaves in the north, droughts in Queensland, but there is still some ice in the coldest place on Earth! You sure showed them foolish scientists.

So just because a ship carrying scientists ran into some trouble in trying to repeat some results, which is how science works, some anonymous Monday's experts in Sydney get to say, "Ha ha! I told ya so!" and then tell scientists how to do their job.
And you want to talk about exaggeration? You want to talk about bad science? You want to say this proves global warming is exaggerated in the same year that bushfire season began two months early?

They try to give themselves an out with
We believe in man-made climate change and are no less concerned than others about it
I am going to come straight out and call this an absolute lie. Empirical evidence shows that they are less concerned about it than others and this piece is just another example. You might as well say, "We believe smoking is a health hazard but it shouldn't be exaggerated by alarmists who say it kills people."

There is a word for this kind of article and the word is Trolling. Contrary to the assumptions of the major print media, to troll someone is not to simply be nasty to them. It is to make an argument which anyone with the intelligence to read it can see is a ridiculous argument purely for the purposes of winding people up.
The fact that this has been published under the masthead of a national newspaper does not make it any less of a troll.

And they expect us to pay for this shit?

A pre-emptive word on freedom of speech:
I accept and support The Australian's right to publish whatever rubbish they want.
This is me exercising my right to say it's crap.


  1. Excellent! So now the weather report in NW Indiana is a trolling incident. lol

    I saw that story a couple of days ago and what struck me as odd was this. While the Arctic ice cap had been thinning (till last year,) Antarctica's ice cap has been expanding even taking into account large glacial sheets breaking off. And now, in the warmest month in the southern hemisphere, you have a scientific ship getting stuck in the ice. That's what seems odd to me.

    Happy New Year mate! Just my humble 2 cents worth.

    If you thought that article was trolling wait till you get a load of this headline from Canada.

    1. Would you care to expand on what makes it odd?

      I've already given up on explaining what "global" means. ;)