16 October, 2013

Some are more equal than others

The law can be very confusing sometimes, so to make things a little bit simpler, here’s the first* part of a beginner’s guide.

Let’s say you’ve been caught stealing money by means of claiming it when you’re not really entitled to it and hoping nobody notices.
What will happen to you?

Well, if you’re a member of the Liberal/National Party, you’ll be quietly asked to pay it back under an arrangement known as the Minchin Protocol, no harm done.

If you’re a member of the Australian Labor Party or an ex-member of the Liberal Party, then the matter will be referred to the Australian Federal Police, which will override the Minchin protocol and your career will be destroyed.

If you’re a member of the Hell’s Angels in Queensland, you’ll get whatever the standard sentence is plus fifteen years.

Look, I have no time for bikie gangs, but if we’re not all equal under the law, then we all should be worried.
*and probably last

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