22 October, 2012

Things that confuse me

I’m probably a fairly simple person really.  When Republicans say something, I like to figure they’re sincere about it and if it doesn’t gel with other things they say, that means there must be something I am missing.

For example,
I have been seeing Republicans blaming the president for high prices.  But I thought that according to Republican doctrine, prices are set by the free market according to the laws of supply and demand and that this is sacrosanct and must not be interfered with.  It would seem that some Republicans want Big Government to make the prices lower for them.  I can’t say I blame them, but I thought that was socialism and that that’s a bad thing.
It’s very confusing.

Here’s another thing that confuses me:
According to Republicans, when four Americans are killed in Libya by Libyans, that’s all the president’s fault.  Yet, when there are several mass shooting per year and dozens of individual shootings every week of Americans by Americans in America, there’s nothing the government can or should do about that because freedom.
What am I missing here?

Tomorrow, the two top candidates for president of the United States will argue over what each of them would do about Libya, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, China, Russia and Europe.  Yet, if I say anything about it, I’ll be told I don’t count because I’m not American and what’s it to me anyway?

The alternative reality of US politics is very, very confusing.


  1. Republicans also say that businesses create jobs, not the president, and that you should vote for Romney because he will create jobs.

    1. ...which kind of implies that government can create jobs.

  2. good point.. about the jobs and the libyans.

  3. two points actually....