10 April, 2012

Definition of cognitive dissonance:

Robert Mugabe claims to have the support of Zimbabweans.
Educated, politically aware westerners say: “You’re a corrupt dictator!”

Vladimir Putin wins Russian presidential election.
E.P.A.W: “Yeah, right!”

Hamid Karzai declares victory in Afghan elections.
E.P.A.W: “Oh, that was so rigged!”

George W Bush said he was protecting the world from terror.
E.P.A.W: “No you’re not, you twit!”

Pauline Hanson: “I represent mainstream Australia.”
E.P.A.W: “Oh, shut up, you silly woman!”

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad wins the Iranian election.
E.P.A.W: “As if! The real Iranians all hate him.”

Cardinal George Pell is the head of the Catholic Church in Australia.
E.P.A.W: “Duh, okay!  Catholics must be teh crazy people if they have him as leader.  Why they no kick him out otherwise?”

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