14 August, 2011

What Twitter Bio Are You?

Twitter generously gives you 20 extra characters with which to describe yourself to the world but very often, Twitter bios can be broken down into several types. Some of these types include,

The disclaimer
Favoured of journalists, publicists, public servants and anyone who thinks (or would like to think) that their tweets might be misinterpreted as being endorsed by their employer. Insists their tweets are personal but still wants you to know who they work for. 

The false modesty
A favourite of politicians. Attempts to look awfully ordinary and down-to-earth but comes clean in the last line. 

The business operator
Lists fabulous achievements, then asks you to hire them to design your website. 

The in-your-face
Lists all their less-likable qualities. Usually among the more honest Twitter bios. 

The reverse psychology
Not unlike the in-your-face, but pushes it to the next level in faint hope of being contradicted. 

The follower-whore
Doesn’t care who you are, just wants bigger numbers. Follows more than 16,000 people. Offers to follow you like that’s something desirable.

The troll
Exposes their troll nature by proclaiming qualities that would be self evident if they had them. Always spells “you’re” as “your.”

Another troll tactic is to attempt to soften their image with a half-joke: 

The hashtagger
Like a cross between the troll and the follower-whore. In lieu of actually listing interests, fills bio with controversial hashtags.  

The fake verified account
Thinks they’re clever putting a ✓ after their name. Not fooling anyone but themselves. 

The issues tweeter
Uses twitter exclusively to bang on about pet issues and RT similar obsessives. Only engages with others when trolling those of opposing views. 

The geek
Probably is a geek but anyone can be a geek about anything these days. 

The joker
Moderately self-deprecating space-filler. 

Captain Obvious
For want of anything better, chooses to go with the things that apply to everyone.

It’s worth pointing out that the often predictable nature of Twitter bios is not necessarily a reflection on the individuality, wit and general appeal of the tweeter themselves.
Feel free to add your own.


  1. not sure where sometimes revolutionary cats fit into this model?

  2. One of the most popular are celebrities who usually get away with posting mundane, bogus, and even trivial info., albeit entertaining.

    Because they're blah-blah movie star, blah-blah singer, blah-blah musician, or even blah-blah million-dollar athlete... Tweeps smile and click "follow".

    Interesting list, @Billablog! Fun read.

  3. Bill, you are a legend... I know a mutual friend who is a Joker, and I believe I may be a Reverse Psychologist....

  4. Thanks Clare!
    A legend? Yes, I guess you're right. I'm very old and probably not real.

  5. I don't seem to fit into any of your types. Let Me know very curious @Blairnboca

  6. Thanks for this great list, all we had for @mtnweekly on twitter was our website addresss. As Home Simpson says DOH!!!! We figured we are a mix between Disclaimer, Business Operator and Joker!! I really appreciate you putting this story together

  7. Good list, from a joker/disclaimer with overtones of Captain Obvious.

  8. I'm certainly not the arbiter of Twitter bios- I just collected a few that seemed to come up regularly.

    Blair, I wouldn't even try to trivialise or make a joke about yours. Good on you!

    Mike, Nice one!

    Pierre, excellent joker. :)

  9. Let thy words be few @emescube