28 April, 2011

Preferential Voting 2

...or, A Picture's Worth 933 Words

About a year ago, I wrote about why preferential voting is a much fairer system.  I'm encouraged that Britain is considering the system now and bewildered by some of the lies being told by the anti campaign.

This evening, a picture was posted on twitter that probably explains the need for preferential or alternative voting far better than I did.  The link was only to the picture so I have no idea where it comes from, but full credit to those who created it.


  1. Change the picture to 2 for beer, 2 for tea, 1 for soda, 2 for water, 3 for coffee and coffee wins.

    [word verification: patio]

  2. That's an excellent example! I think you'd probably be right. It would come down to whether the other 70% could tolerate coffee or hated coffee.

    Playing the probabilities, soda would be eliminated first. Soda's votes could flow on to water or to tea. That would make it a tie for first and second, which would never happen in reality, so let's say tea is the next one eliminated. It would then become a question of whether tea voters prefer a warm brown drink of some sort, in which case preferences will flow on to coffee. Or perhaps tea voters are anti-coffee in which case, water would win.

  3. In any case, the people of Great Britain have shown their displeasure at their contrived, coalition government by voting 70/30 to keep the flawed, outdated electoral system that put it there in the first place.
    You get the government you deserve.