29 December, 2010

Thinking of Linking

As much for my own reference as anyone else's, this is the second annual list of links I have bookmarked, shared or had shared with me. Posting these links does not necessarily constitute agreement with or endorsement of the contents. May contain traces of Harry Shearer, John Birmingham and NASA.

If you're looking for some more summer/winter reading, but sure to click those links down on the sidebar to your right there. I wouldn't link to them if they weren't magnificent. Welcome to the 'blogiverse Andy – it's about time!

News and Politics – Australia:
Since when did dumb-arsed nationalism become compulsory?
LNP's teen candidate hits back at critics ("I went overseas and went around Europe, as most people do," No way is Wyatt Roy out of touch!)
Julia Gillard: a political dill
Political logic points to double dissolution
Deveny learns the Anzac art of futile attack
Preferential Voting in Australia
What is a Liberal?
Rudd Faces Revolt: O Rly?
Thank you Kevin
Price, Arndt wrong in irrelevant family feud
The facts and furphies about Australia's most unwanted
Clarke and Dawe on asylum seekers
Rudd hoses down cabinet leak speculation
Fired up Gillard defends Cabinet questions
Internet filter blacklist leaked on web
The Real Benefits For Asylum Seekers In Australia
$37m sex case could set 'remarkable precedent'
Stimulus 'served Australia well' despite waste
Latham full of bile, Oakes says
We Get It, None of You Are Bill Gates
Election Leaflets
There are worse things than losing
For Those Who've Come Across Seas
Fake Green How to Vote Cards in Bennelong
Abbott apologises to Wilkie
Kiss Me Like You Mean It: Negotiating in the New Paradigm
When did Pride Become Pity?
Does Australia Have a Government Yet?
In conversation: Mungo MacCallum and Shane Maloney
The NBN may crush Turnbull
Does Australia Have a Grand Final Winner Yet?
Collection of Grog-gate 'blogs
More on the Ethics of Outing Grog's Gamut
An Open Letter to Bronwyn Pike, Victorian Education Minister
What secrets are worth keeping?
Quality sets The Australian apart
Coalition launch sullied by party boy candidate
A tragic reminder our long, bloody battle with the sea
US slams political games on refugees
To Andrew Bolt. With contempt.
Showboat – Jack Marx
Victorian Liberals Swing Music Funding Axe    
Hinch on dickileaks

News and Politics – US:
Tea partiers attack convention (you could not make this up!)
Obama urges Republican "soul-searching" on healthcare (I think I see the problem with that strategy)
Attention, Dick Cheney: Don't the Germans Know We're At War?
New Orleans: The Joy and the Dread
The Rand Paul Quote Everybody's Ignoring
Memo to Rand Paul: Free Enterprise Isn't Free
Visualising the slick – If it were my home
Gulf Oil Leak Happened Before – here's how they fixed it
Pilots Bristle As American Airline Tells Them To Fly With Less Fuel
It's getting to be embarrassing to be a conservative
Ground Zero "Hallowed Ground"
The Katrina Bookshelf
Infographic: MLK Glenn Beck Flow Chart
Building a Nation of Know-Nothings
A Mind is a Terrible Thing to Microwave
Experts: Terrorism threat to U.S. now more homegrown
Criminals In The Bush Administration
Commentary: They've squandered lives, fortunes and our sacred honour
Harry Shearer vs. the Army Corps of Engineers
Harry Shearer and NPR: The Big Uneasy
Pentagon Destroys Copies of Controversial Memoir Written by Army Officer
Does Sarah Palin desecrate the American flag?
Our election ads are scaring the Martians
Jon Stewart on Larry King
Does fame bring forth madness?
Probably the best sign from the Rally for Sanity
Extremes rule both parties, as centrists lose their seats
Live Tweeting Murder
Were the Bush Tax Cuts Good for Growth?
Tweet of the day
KUHNER: Assassinate Assange?
You let the bully kick your ass and then get your big brother to convince everybody you won?
An Irishman abroad tells it like it is
Sarah Palin is wrong about John F. Kennedy, religion and politics
Halliburton Offers Nigeria $250 Million in Exchange for Dropping Charges Against Cheney, Company
Accused soldier offered plea bargain if he names WikiLeaks founder

News and Politics – World:
Cleric issues anti-terror fatwa (Didn't see that reported in the fair-and-balanced networks, did you?)
What Isn't News: NATO's Coverup of Civilian Deaths in Afghanistan
Ninth worker death at Taiwan iPhone firm Foxconn
Echoes of Raid on 'Exodus' Ship in 1947
Replace Ryanair boss with flight attendant: pilot
Nobel Peace Prize winner's wife has 'disappeared,' lawyer says
Ninety years on, First World War is finally over for Germany
UN Space expert denies being alien ambassador (They had to ask that question?)
Britons want William, not Charles as next king - Poll (methinks they might be misunderstanding one of the fundamental aspects of a monarchy)
Fifa's demand to be exempt of UK money-laundering legislation
Sodomy charges were a set-up (Just in from the obvious desk. The hotel where the offences were alleged to have taken place wasn't even built at the time they said they happened)
David Cameron asked about liking The Smiths (Prime Minister's Questions, 8.12.10) (Best. Question. Ever!)
The rights and wrongs of hacktivism
Six days of war, 40 years of secrecy

Media Bias Files:
The 119 Words You Can't Say On The Radio
You wouldn't read about it: climate scientists right
Journalism Warning Labels
Fox sends out ambush squad to talk to NYC mosque investors -- but doesn't mention key Fox investor
How Google Unwittingly Helped Propagate the Misleading "Ground Zero Mosque" Label
The Billionaires Bankrolling the Tea Party
Agendas and bias on the media trail
Gruen's gift to the advertisers
Editor said policeman's death would boost sales
Nudge nudge, don't mention Denton
Lindsay Lohan: Mental Illness as Entertainment
Newspapers Retract 'Climategate' Claims, but Damage Still Done
A Twitter idea for Q&A (The Aus moans about unattributed comment. The comment is unattributed!)
If Olbermann's Donations Are Bad, What About GE's?
The $200million myth
Jewish outrage grows, but Beck digs deeper by approvingly citing flaming anti-Semite Mahatir
The Beatles 'are from Manchester', claims Fox News
The 'torture' of writing about climate change at The Oz
Both ends of it benefit the ultimate News Corp agenda
Look you can have a headline a day or a bucket of shit every day. What's it to be?
Nice work, Drudge!
Fox's news editor who tells reporters all global temperature trends are "notions," never facts.

Science and Technology:
Claims of wind farm illness
Neil deGrasse Tyson at UB: What NASA Means to America's Future
Dry as a dingo: no water for three weeks
Google to stop capturing wi-fi data (How do you "mistakenly" collect data?)
Go For Launch!
Apple issues advice to avoid iPhone flaw (That's right! Apple products don't have design flaws. It's your fault for holding it wrong.)
First optical photograph of a planet outside our solar system
Massive fish kill reported in Louisiana
Love Makes You Increasingly Ignorant of Your Partner
Making things hard to read 'can boost learning'
Ig Nobel for 'whale breathalyser'
Ultrafast laser pulse makes desktop black hole glow
Benoît B. Mandelbrot (1924-2010), Father of Fractal Geometry
The McDonald's burger won't destruct. Here's why
Russian Software Firm Breaks Canon's Authenticity Verification, Big Time
NASA-Funded Research Discovers Life Built With Toxic Chemical (*Since called into question, but still fascinating)
Message from Buzz re: NASA CCDev-2 Program
NASA's LRO Creating Unprecedented Topographic Map of Moon 
Lunar Eclipse Photos

Music and the Arts:
J.D. Salinger: The Man in the Glass House
Ken Loach streams entire back catalogue on YouTube
Ozzy Osbourne wanted to be a Beatle
Paul McCartney's Inner Rhymes (A Tale of Love Unrequited)
Mini Beatles reunion caught on a thousand shakycams
John Irving's personal thoughts on Simon Birch
Lost tapes of classic British television found in the US
David Bowie: Fantastic Voyages From Beyond The Hits
This made Prince go up about 10 notches in my estimation
Triple J Hottest 100 Mashup - Vol 1-15
The Smiths: Johnny Marr looks back
Lay off Linda, the ultimate rock chick
Paper Training
Fighting a poet's corner – An Appointment with Mr Yeats
Slam Rally
John Lennon - Not only ... but also
Superhero minimalism - 70s-inspired, minimalist book covers
Neil Finn & Johnny Marr - There is a light that never goes out - Jazz Cafe
100 Best Australian Albums Revealed (The Vines but no Whitlams? Kylie but no Bridie? I call bullshit!)
When the man comes around: a case of cash for rock
Jane Austen's famous prose may not be hers after all
Capt Beefheart's 10 Commandments of Guitar Playing
10 Mind-Blowing Easter Eggs Hidden in Famous Albums

Bull and burgers: mincing their words
Live sheep export: It's bad for our economy too
Catalonia bans bullfighting
Oscar's Law – abolish puppy factories
Politicians, Industry and Welfare Groups Unite In Call For End To Live Animal Export
Goodies Reissue Funky Gibbon

Crusade against the pope: an Inquisition-in-Reverse
Atheist zealots a heavy cross to bear
Monday Morning Hate-mail and the Brilliant Dr Pamela Gay

Humour and Satire:
Bunch Of Phonies Mourn J.D. Salinger
If real life were more like the internet
Libertarian Paradise
BP Spills Coffee
The Spill in lolcats
Steve Martin Concert Contract Rider
Don't use a blue background next time, Tony
Fiona Katauskas: Game on
Lego Election
Best e-reader on the market
They denied reality
Lyric sheets for nerds
Palin 2012
The tea and crumpets party
Best accidental ad placement
The tree that knows stuff
I see what you did there
Clarke and Dawe - A Very Firm Grasp of Matters
New Twitter feature
Nobel Prize
But I Twitter
SNL's Julian Assange To The U.S.: You Got Me, Where's Osama?
Most Damning Wikileaks cable
Dogbert on message boards (Admit it – you've done this)
Swedish Chef does Popcorn
How Follow Friday is supposed to work

Eray Photography
Hi-Fi Weddings
Classic Fender Pick
Real UFO caught on video causing terror in Melbourne
UFO = Unidentified Floating Object
Dogs on Boxes...The Weeks Best from Australia's Twittocracy #102
@PeterJBlack's top five #ausvotes (and #QandA) tweets of Monday 2nd
The Notion Factory
Legitimate Questions for Sarah Palin - Small Government News
Legitimate Questions for Sarah Palin | The Fifth Column
Tuesday Night Buzz - Ground Zero Mosque - Part 2
Blog-This profile

Other interesting stuff:
How Tweet It Is!: Library Acquires Entire Twitter Archive
Bart's Blackboard
Google Pacman
Hello Kitty Engine Oil (Well, if it means emo girls will take an interest in engine protection....)
Spicks and Specks: Barry Morgan Medley - Ep 24, 2010
The Beer Reviews: Great Aussie pubs
On My Shelves — On the art of arranging bookshelves
Captured: America in Colour from 1939-1943 (58 is just perfect)
Give Our Streets the Green Light
Russia in colour, a century ago
The best sentence ever
Dead Plagiarists Society
Bad light mars play as Aussies make silly point
Instant statistics
National Geographic's Photography Contest 2010
How I Killed Pluto and Why It Had It Coming
Sister Cyril


  1. Many thanks for linking to my 'blog, Bill. I know you have suggested moving my "work" to the 'blogiverse for some time and I'm glad I did. It's hard work, unrewarding and sometimes it feels as if you're talking to yourself, but it's also enjoyable having a dedicated outlet that people can either visit or ignore.

    Keep up the great work on your own endeavour! Thanks for an interesting, thought provoking and often funny 'blog.

  2. Thank you too Andy, both for the linkage and the compliment. I'm behind on your posts, having had so much on, but I'm looking forward to catching up.