03 November, 2010

Dear Republicans,

Congratulations! Finally you don’t have Nancy Pelosi to kick around any more. Good for you!

Now it’s time to put up or shut up. If the budget is not balanced, the war not over and full employment not restored in two years’ time, then we will know who to blame.

Don’t think me harsh in saying that. I’m only applying the same standards you set for the other side. In fact, you barely waited three months into the new guy’s term before talking tea parties and reloading and secession and all kinds of hooey. So I’m actually being pretty generous in giving you two years. Everything that has happened since 2006 has been Pelosi and Reid’s fault. You didn’t even wait for the inauguration to begin blaming the economy on Obama. And whenever anyone pointed out the parts Republican congresses, senates and the Bush administration played in getting to the current situation, you said that was in the past and it’s all the Democrats’ fault now.

Well, now it’s your fault again. I’m a reasonable person and normally I would give an incoming government at least a year before thinking that any situation is entirely of that government’s own making. But the American public has embraced you and your values – and your values are that the slate is wiped clean with the changeover. By your own pronouncements, you own this. Everything that happens next is your fault.

This has been the biggest spending election ever with $3.4 billion (an increase of 50% on the 2006 mid-terms) spent by campaigns talking about fiscal responsibility and restraint.
Good luck!


  1. Yes, it seems like political karma is returning at an increasingly rapid pace.

  2. The spending is just incredible. The woman in California spent US$160 million on a job that pays less than $200 000 per year.