02 October, 2010

The Rules: Ambition

There is a fair analogy between the Rudd government and the Obama administration.  Both have rightly been accused of over-promising and under-delivering.  Rudd paid for it, firstly in the party room and then Labor at the election.  Obama will no doubt pay for it in the mid-term elections too, not that he ever had much support from the Democrat-controlled houses anyway.

There is much to be said for knowing what you want to do, knowing what you should do, and knowing what you can do.

Rudd and Obama’s oppositions, both those within and those without, have centred their campaigns on what they won’t do, rather than what they will do.
But you know something?

I still have more respect for those who reach for the stars and only make it as far as the clouds, than those who reach for the remote and make it all the way to the fridge.

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  1. Oh so true... It never fails to amaze me how people always want to focus on the negatives, especially when the positives are equally as obvious.