18 June, 2010

A bit of self promotion

I don't want to use this 'blog for "hey, look what I did" posts, but I'd like to share a re-post with my regular readers. (Yes, both of you!)

I've been casually following the start-up news and opinion site The Daily Bludge for a couple of weeks now.  Yesterday, I saw they'd started a new feature where any registered user can post a 'blog on the site.  For the chance at a wider audience, and because it's still current, I posted my Well, do you drive a car? post there.

When I checked the site in the morning, I saw that they had put it on the front page.  (The graphic was added by the editor)

And they posted a very nice link on their Facebook site.

Update:  It's interesting where things pop up,


  1. Well done! It was a great post, worthy of a front page spot.

  2. I think I'd lose all respect for any news outlet that used me as a source.