01 May, 2010

Texas-tea party in the gulf

So the oil leak from the drilling disaster is reaching the gulf coast, with the potential to be worse than the Exxon Valdeez spill.  After all, a tanker only holds a finite amount of oil.  What we have now is an uncapped well and there's no telling what volume will be released before it's brought under control. 

Louisiana Governor Bobby "No federal stimulus for us, but actually, we'll take it anyway, thanks!" Jindall has sought a federal disaster declaration and accompanying federal assistance.

So here's my question:
Wasn't BP insured against such an eventuality?  And if not, why should the poor US taxpayer have to pay to clean up their mess?

And why is a conservative Republican asking the federal government to assist business-people who may be adversely effected by the disaster?

Don't get me wrong, I think he's doing the right thing - it just doesn't square with the rhetoric.  It never does.  One week, you have the governor of Texas threatening to secede over taxation, the next week, he's asking for federal assistance.  What changed?  Swine flu, that's all.

So where are the teabaggers now?  Why isn't anyone demanding that big government get of of their lives and leave it all to private enterprise this week?  Where's Rick Santelli's outrage over having to help the "losers" whose livelihoods will be damaged?  And why isn't the "drill, baby, drill!" crowd lining up on the beach with their jerry cans?



  1. This is all politics

  2. Are you hearing more about this oil spill than all the spills with Brazil's offshore drilling? We are. And people died in Brazil's accidents.

  3. I'm sorry to say, yes.